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Preview: Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 4

Fruits Basket Season 3

Nao talks about graduation with Yuki and the others student council members. One of the members was late, and Nao scolds her. The girl asks if it is not selfish to confess love to someone. She asks Yuki if he didn’t have a problem confessing, and Yuki replies that all he can do is hurt them. Nao comments that Yuki must feel guilty for hurting beloved ones. Yuki’s friend replies that Nao is jealous because Yuki is popular. He also teases Nao that he is a shorty.

Nao replies that he knows that he is shorty and he is still shorter than his sister. He asks them if it is wrong to be short and if the shorties don’t deserve to live. Yuki replies that he didn’t say anything it’s only his friend who teases Nao. He wonders why Nao is getting carried away like that since it was just a joke. Nao asks Yuki and his friend if they are implying that height is what makes a man attractive.  The girls comment that it is not about the height that makes a guy attractive but his bank account.

Previously on Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 3

Yuki’s friend comments that it is true, and Nao said that it is fine and he knows that he is a commoner with commoner parents. He said that he would have a Soma-level bank account, and he will be attractive. Yuki comments that it is Soma’s money, not his personal money. The girls think that Nao is hiding something, so he is trying to boost his confidence by saying all of that. She asks Nao if he has a crush on someone. She also comments that the person that Nao has a crush on is focusing on Yuki’s attention.

But Yuki is not attending here, and she is not interested in Nao. The girl comments that Nao is jealous since every girl falls for Yuki, even the girl that Nao has a crush on. Nao realizes that she has figured out his problem and Yuki’s friends remind Nao that he said Yuki is his rival. Nao is speechless and realizes that these guys have discovered the truth. He wonders how to get away from this. Nao decided to change the topic, and he leaves like he is heading to the bathroom.

Kuragis Rumours

Fruits Basket Season 3

Fruits Basket Season 3

They think that the girl that Nao has a crush on is Kuragi. When Nao is heading out, he heard that Kuragi is cleaning up chalk. Oi wonders when Kuragi would stop doing such things. Nao didn’t like what the girls are saying about Kuragi. He asks Oi why she is wondering here, and Yuki arrives. Yuki asks Oi and her friend if they are in Kuragi’s class. Oi and her friend talked with a charming voice and started to treat Yuki like a prince. They reveal that Kuragi flipped over a new box of chalk and dumped it out.

They also said that she is weird, and they find that she was kicked out of her house for trying to kill her own brother. Yuki’s friend got touched by that and wonders why Kuragi is facing such a fate. He realizes that she must be carrying a burden and going through a hard time. Nao’s sister comments that she will always believe in Kuragi and everything is a lie. She thinks that someone might have been framing or accusing Kuragi of trying to kill her brother.

Kuragi appears behind them, and they wonder if she was listening. Kuragi looks away, and she runs away, but Yuki tries to call her. Oi comments that it is true since Kuragi has run away, and Kimi said she believes in them. Kuragi started thinks about her problems at home and how her parents treated her. That day, Kimi’s parents told her that she has been jealous of her brother and that’s why she wanted to kill him.

Kimi wonders if she is a murderer, but she only knows that she didn’t want to kill her brother. Later she opens up to Yuki, and he helps her with Tohru. Things get back to normal, and Kyo quarrels with Arisa for slacking off. But he falls from the latter, and Yuki stops that ladder from hitting Tohru. Kyo gets angry that he didn’t save him and his butts hurt.

Fruits Basket Season 3rd Episode 4 Release Date and Preview

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 4 will be released on Tuesday, 27 April 2021, at 1:35 AM JST. You can watch Fruits Basket Season 3 online on Crunchyroll,  AnimeLab, and  Funimation. Let’s find more about Fruits Basket Season 3 upcoming episode in the preview below.

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