Frieza Might Betray One More Person Beside Anyone From Universe 7

There is something about the Ice-Jins in the Tournament of Power that worries fans. Frieza and Frost, being similar to each other, decided to team up with each other for an unknown goal.  You see, Frieza’s race from Universe 7 has the same outlook as Frost’s race in Universe 6: they wanted power. They wanted to rule worlds in any single way possible. And as frightening as it could be, they have the same potential to grow powerful in a small amount of time.

But like any other things in this world, their similarities might backfire against them. I can’t find a way how Frost and Frieza are working with each other benefits them both. If Frieza helps Frost beat Universe 7 guys, he will risk his existence. The same reason goes for Frost. What schemes are they possibly cooking right now?

There are possible reasons, especially for Frieza, to betray Universe 7. One possible reason would be Universe 6, especially Champa, might consider “adopting” Frieza into his Universe. There is no specific rule that warriors cannot change their alliances during the Tournament of Power. Champa would surely consider whatever Frieza might offer because Frieza is a powerful warrior. He can even fight on par with the likes of Goku.

There’s also a possibility that Frost and Frieza were actually scheming against each other. This is a very unlikely thing, but sensible, given both Frost and Frieza’s nature. They can betray each other since there’s actually no benefit of helping each other. And besides, both Ice-jins want to become an emperor. There can only be one emperor in a kingdom.

I personally think that the ultimate betrayal lies in the chance to have a wish on the Super Dragon Balls. Frieza is very interested in sitting on Zeno’s throne. What he can do is betray Frost to win the tournament. If Universe 7 is to wish something, he will steal the chance to make himself the emperor of 12 universes. It could also open another arc for the anime.



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