Friends To the Rescue – Jennie Shows Support For Woodz New Album

jennie shows support for woodz new album
BLACKPINK's Jennie and Woodz. cr: Otakukart

Harking back to their days as trainees at YG Entertainment, Woodz and Jennie from BLACKPINK have been fast friends. Even though they do not show their friendship online a lot, with the most recent social media exchange they have had, it is clear to their fans that Jennie from BLACKPINK and Woodz are each other’s constant support. As Woodz has released his most recent mini-album, Jennie shows support for Woodz new album.

Woodz’s fans are super excited to see that he has come up with new music in the form of a mini-album. On the 4th of May 2022, Woodz finally released a catchy music video for his mini-album “COLORFUL TRAUMA.” The title of the song is “I hate you,” where Woodz is trying to convey to his ex that she is not the cause of his trauma or sadness. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean that he has to be sad and depressed because of it. It is his life, and because of a simple breakup, his life has not come to a standstill. With this punk-rock concept in mind, Jennie showed support for Woodz new album by taking to her Instagram stories!

jennie shows support for woodz new album
Stills from Woodz new MV for “I hate you.” cr: Stone Music Entertainment

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Jennie Shows Support For Woodz New Album

When Woodz released a music video for his mini-album, “COLORFUL LOVE,” his fans were clamoring to listen to the rest of the mini-album. The concept that Woodz has used here is very punk-rock, similar to My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. However, instead of moping due to a failed romantic relationship, Woodz is looking to make himself happy as a single man. Seeing the fact that he and Jennie have been good friends for a long time, it is not a surprise that Jennie showed support for Woodz new album. On her Instagram, Jennie posted a story, tagging Woodz with a screenshot of one of his songs from his mini-album, “COLORFUL TRAUMA” – “Hope to be like you.” For the caption, Jennie wrote, “Congratulations, Seungyoun-ie!” Responding to Jennie’s story, Woodz kept his response simple by reposting her story on his account accompanied by a flaming heart emoji.

Jennie Shows Support For Woodz New Album
Jennie posts a congratulatory Instagram post for Woodz new album. cr: Jennie’s Instagram @jennierubyjane

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Woodz New Music Video For “I Hate You”

As mentioned before, Woodz has taken a lot of inspiration from many pop-culture moments and has integrated them into one solid music video. Reminiscent of something that Machine Gun Kelly would put out, Woodz has added nuance of Korean sophistication to this punk-rock idea, making it a wholly new and unique concept.

As the video starts, we see Woodz in a huge industrial elevator in a bubble suit. This might be a metaphor to protect himself from the onslaught of negative feelings one gets after a breakup, no matter how amicable it is. Shifting between the industrial elevator and a room full of paper receipts, Woodz starts to sing. Accompanied by a full-on band in the elevator, the camera pans up, and Woodz sings directly into the camera. It almost seems like an intimate song between him and his ex.

Jennie shows support for Woodz new album
Woodz releases concept pictures for his mini-album, “COLORFUL TRAUMA.” cr: Yue Hua Entertainment

The elevator seems to be a mainstay that seems to shift between different scenes. One being the recept room and the other being a room with mummies in it. In another shot, Woodz is on the ceiling with a bunch of metronomes along with them, maybe symbolizing the monotony of an old relationship where the spark is gone. Singing into a microphone and playing the guitar on top of stacked plastic chairs, Woodz is playing into a more rebellious theme.

Another background Woodz utilizes is a pyramid of neon boxes and a floor full of sirens. Showing his entrapment in an unhappy relationship, Woodz has stuffed different versions of himself in three different freezers, all of which are desperate to get out. Characterized by shaky camera work, and single shots, we can see Woodz slowly being driven insane in some shots, and in others, he is directly singing to the camera. As the MV ends, Woodz is finally able to metaphorically break out of his confines, leading to a happy ending for him. You can watch the MV for “I hate you,” here!

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