‘Fresh’ Movie Ending Explained: The Dramatic Escape

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‘Fresh’ is a psychological thriller movie of 2022. The movie got released on the 20th of January and was Mimi Cave’s directional debut. ‘Fresh’ movie is available on the OTT platform Hulu. The movie received reviews and ratings but is considered a satisfactory one. Daisy Edgar Jones plays the lead role of Noa with Sebastian Stan as Steve. The story begins with a young woman named Noa.

Currently single, Noa is looking for a suitable partner to be with. On her first date with a guy named Chad, Noa is disheartened after her date shows indecency. While shopping at a supermarket Noa meets with Steve and the two instantly hits off. After spending a passionate night together, Steve invites Noa over to his house.

With ugly turns of events, Steve captivates Noa in a cell of his basement. It revealed that Steve is a butcher of human meat and sells them to wealthy people. But spared Noa out of likeness he developed for her. The Story further moves to Noa overpowering Steve to escape. Her best friend Mollie arrives at the place and the two finally kill Steve. The two also help out Penny, who was another occupant of Steve. They also took down Ann, wife of Steve, who tried to capture them. The movie ends with Noa and Mollie sharing a moment of reconciliation with Chad’s message popping up on Nao’s Phone. So what possibly can be the meaning of such an ending?

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Teaser poster of the 2022 movie ‘Fresh’

‘Fresh’ movie ending explained?

Though the movie has a clear ending of two survivors who escaped the captivity of a cannibalistic killer. But the ending can be interpreted in several ways. One usual explanation of the ending is the negative impact of online dating. How going out with a stranger can be fatal is the clear message the creators gave out.

On the other hand, the ending explains how the looks and behavior of an individual can be indecisive. An elaborated version of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Ann being a woman trying to attack the victims of her husband reveals the ugly side of society. Women take down another woman instead of being the best support. Another notable interpretation of the ending. But Millie risking her life to save her best friend Noa showcases a strong bonding between the two. The movie portrays two contradictory women characters.

The message of Chad that popped up in Noa’s phone may have another possible explanation. Chad checking up on Noa even after a terrible first date, can be used as a sign to alert Noa and the audience. However, the counterpart could be Chad being a genuine guy despite his improper behavioral traits. The movie shows how Steve’s victims were always women. This may hint that women are the weaker gender and easier to control, according to Steve. But Noa shatters down all these prejudices and rouses her freedom. With all the possible ‘Fresh’ movie ending explanations, it is up to the audience to consider any one of them.

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The scene of the supermarket where Noa meets Steve in the movie ‘Fresh’

Casts and other details

Apart from Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan playing the lead roles, ‘Fresh’ movie has Charlotte Le Bon as Ann. Brett Dier as Chad, Jonica T. Gibbs as Millie, Andrea Bag as Penny ( another victim of Steve), and the list goes on. The movie is under the production companies of Hyperobject Industries, Legendary Entertainment, and Searchlight Pictures.

Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar Jones as the characters of Steve and Noa in the movie ‘Fresh’

After pondering about the ending of the movie, fans are expecting a second installation of the movie. Though it is an open ending with endless theories and explanations, the audience wants the story to continue further. However, there is no announcement from the creators regarding a sequel. People who love movies from the genre of thriller and suspense might find ‘Fresh’ quite similar to the movie ‘Berlin Syndrome’. Another phycological thriller movie about a man captivating his date.

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