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Free Guy Ending Explained: What Happens to Ryan Reynolds’ Character?

Where Was Free Guy Movie Filmed?

What would you do if you suddenly woke up one day and realized that the life you thought was normal wasn’t so? What if your whole life, you weren’t even a human being, but just a worthless side character in a video game? Unfortunately, that’s what Ryan Reynolds’ character in Free Guy realizes. Free Guy is a sci-fi movie released in 2021. It was directed by Shawn Levy and is based on a story by Matt Lieberman. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the main role of a bank teller, Guy, realizes that he is actually an NPC (a non-player character) in a video game. The story unfolds when he decides to take matters into his own hands in order to save his friends from deletion. To do so, he has to become the hero. In this article, we will guide you through the ending of the movie Free Guy.

The movie was released after one year delay, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, on 13th August 2021. It received mainly good feedback from the critics. The movie was set side by side with The Matrix, Grand Theft Auto, Ready Player One. Free Guy also stars Taika Waititi, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambedkar, Jodie Comer, and Joe Keery. You can watch the 2019 trailer here and the 2020 trailer below:

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 Spoilers and Plot of the Movie:

The movie is based on a video game called “Free City,” which is an open-world (Free to explore) video game under Soonami Games. But the code for Free City is actually stolen from Walter McKey, otherwise known as Keys, and Millie Rusk. While Keys has taken a job under Soonami, Millie spends most of her time inside the game to prove that the game actually belongs to them. Things take a wild turn when Guy, an NPC, wears a sunglass which is actually worn by players. The bank teller who thought of himself as pretty normal discovers that the world he lives in is actually a video game. Millie and Guy encounter each other, and the former realizes that the latter is becoming aware of the world, and they work together.


Guy Discovering the Glasses (A Still From The Movie)

As he completes missions to save his friends, the world of players watches him, and he becomes a famous internet personality.  Millie and Keys realize that it was Millie’s codes that created the feelings that Guy has for Millie. When Guy comes to know about this, he breaks it off with Millie. But after a chat with his friend, Buddy, he realizes that it isn’t just the love that’s between them. And this helps him gain complete sentience. He joins hands with Millie once more to help her before Free City is wiped off from Soonami’s servers.

Free Guy Ending

A Still From the Movie

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Free Guy: Ending Explained

But Guy’s newfound popularity is making it hard for Soonami to make way for Free City 2. As such, Guy’s programming is rebooted, as a result of which Guy loses his sentience, plus forgets all about Millie. But his backup data fills in the gaps the moment Millie kisses him. Guy can remember all sorts of pieces of evidence that will prove Millie and Key as the actual coders of the game. Guy goes on to make the other NPCs aware, while in the real world, Antwan is trying to delete Guy and Millie’s character. Key tries to save them and is fired. Antwan makes another character named Dude, who is basically a more idiotic and naive version of Guy, but Guy ends up befriending him.

Freeguy Ending

A Still From the Movie

Trying to grasp as straws, Antwan tries to destroy the servers, but Guy has already reached the Island. Antwan is about to destroy the game when Millie stops him. This buys Guy time to show the waterfalls (proof of Millie and Keys’ work) to the world. The film ends when Keys and Millie save the game and turn it into a utopia. The game has been saved and re-written by the actual coders: Millie and Keys. Buddy and Guy, who had been torn apart when Buddy had saved Guy and lost his own life during Guy’s fight with Dude, are reunited. Moreover. Guy helped Millie find true love: Keys. The whole world has seen him do so. Antwan has no choice but to accept that Keys and Millie are the real owners of Free City.

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Free Guy Has A Happy Ending: Or Does It?

By the end of the movie, Guy is fully aware, thanks to Keys and Millie’s code. Although he knows he is not technically even a human being, he plays the “nice guy” role till the very end and helps his fellow non-playing characters. When you look at it superficially, the movie has a pretty happy ending. The game has been saved and re-written by the actual coders: Millie and Keys. Buddy and Guy, who had been torn apart when Buddy had saved Guy and lost his own life during Guy’s fight with Dude, are reunited. Moreover. Guy helped Millie find true love: Keys. But did Free Guy actually have a good ending? He was, after all, made for Millie. Everything about her attracts him, she is his soulmate, destined by codes.

Ryan Reynolds

Guy with Buddy (A Still From The Movie)

Although he let go of Millie for Keys, what is supposed to happen to him? Is he going to be just a character from an NPC forever and wander in the game? So the movie also raises multiple questions. What if someone hacks into the new version of the game? And what about Dude, who had semi-formed self-awareness thanks to the hasty way he was made? What if the game develops a bug and becomes self-destructive? Because at the end of the day, it is just a video game, so anything could happen. In addition to that, Keys and Millie don’t really seem like the perfect couple. They have communication issues and look at their computer screens more than each other.

Free Guy Ending Explained

A Still From the Movie

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