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Frank Gardner Girlfriend: Who Is The British Author Dating in 2021?

Frank Gardner
Frank Gardner

If you are someone who likes to read books, you must have heard of the British journalist and author Frank Gardner. Frank was born in a diplomat family in 1961. And as far as patriotism goes, Fank Gardner served in British Army as Second Lieutenant. He joined the Royal Green Jackets, which is the 4th Volunteer Battalion. Afterward, he decided to continue with the work related to his field of interest. Therefore Frank joined BBC, and he was the first Gulf correspondent that worked full time. Later in his life, he became a journalist and pursued his passion for writing. The author has written books that became bestsellers. While talking about his career, we will also look into what happens in the journalist’s personal life. Frank married his wife in 1996. Recently Frank has been dating a weather commentator from BBC. Keep reading to find out who is Frank Gardner’s girlfriend?

Frank Gardner is an interesting fellow. While everyone studied and majors in roles that will get them a job in a major city. Frank studied Arabic language and Islam. He was sure that these skills would make him employable in the Middle East region. Frank comes from a family of scholars and diplomats. His grandfather John Davy Rolleston was a physicist. When Gardner was studying at Saint Ronan’s school, his teacher pushed him in the right direction. He participated in biathlon. Frank’s teacher encouraged him to participate. If you are wondering, biathlon is a Nordic skiing event. This competition is a combination of skiing and rifle shooting. As Frank agreed to participate, he got an opportunity to travel to Austria. Moreover, to his advantage, he was able to train with the British Army team participating in biathlon.

The observer show

The observer show

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Who is Frank Gardner’s girlfriend?

Now that we have covered the facet detail of Frank Gardner’s life, we will move on to taking a detailed look at his personal life, career, and books he published and continuing with what happened after Frank Gardner participated in the biathlon. Frank met Sir Wilfred Thesiger when he was 16 years old. Another name of Sir Wilfred is Mubarak bin Ladan. He was a writer and explorer. Also, he served in the British military. After visiting Sir Wilfred in Chelsea, Frank became determined to study Arabic. In his quest to learn more about Islam, he stumbled upon many traveling adventures. Afterward, he returned to England to study Bachelor of Arts. His subject of interest was Arabic and Islamic studies. He graduated from the University of Exeter.

being frank the BBC shoe

Being frank, the BBC shoe

Moving on to Frank Gardner’s personal life, let’s find out who is Frank Gardner’s girlfriend? Is she someone he works with? Also, we will answer the question, why did Frank Gardner separated from his wife? Frank’s ex-wife is Amanda Pearson Gardner. They were married for 22 years before the couple decided to separate. Frank talked about his disability after the spinal injury and about separation from his wife on the Being Frank: The Frank Gardener Story show on BBC. When Frank was reporting in Saudi Arabia, he got shot 6 times by Al Qaida. And he was paralyzed for 16 years. However, they stick together in bad times. The couple split up in 2018. Frank revealed in the BBC show that his wife was supportive and faithful during his recovery. Also, the reason behind their divorce was not Frank’s Disability but the fact that the couple grew apart over time.

Who is Frank Gardner dating?

Frank Gardner’s girlfriend in 2021 is a weather reporter presenter on BBC. Her name is Elizabeth Rizzini. Their relationship was confirmed when Frank was seen kissing Elizabeth in a pub in South London. Similar to Frank, Elizabeth was married before. And was divorced in 2016.

Elizabeth Rizzini

Elizabeth Rizzini

Moreover, her relationship with Frank Gardner was confirmed after a year of his divorce.

Books by the author

Frank Gardner is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller “Blood and Sand”. In this book, he described his experience in the Middle East. He has worked as a journalist in the Middle East for 25 years. Transworld published this book in 2006.

Books by frank gardner

Books by Frank Gardner

Another book Frank Gardner wrote that became a best seller is “Crisis.” This was also the first novel he wrote. Moreover, it is a fictional novel about SBS agent Luke Carlton. The story covers the dynamic between the officer and a Columbian drug lord. Also “Far Horizons” is a great book for people with interest in traveling.

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