Francesca Farago Net Worth: How Much Does She Earns?

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Francesca Farago Net Worth
Francesca Farago

What is Francesca Farago’s Net Worth? Francesca Farago is a 28 years old television personality, model, and Instagram influencer. She was born on 18 November 1993 in British Columbia, Canada. She appeared in the 2020 Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle as a contestant. Francesca was considered a villain in the show. But as the show progressed, she acted in a very mature way. She later won many hearts with her kind nature.

Francesca is the owner of a label called ‘Farago The Label.’ The label produces vegan, biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly Swimwear. Her father, Grant Webb, is a well-known restauranter. He owns many restaurants across the United States. And her mother, Lucy Farago, is an author. Her mother has written six novels, including ” A Necessary Lie,” ” A Necessary Deception,” and the ” Sin” series. Francesca also has a brother named Mason Webb.

Francesca did her education in the field of Law and Legal studies from Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada. During the filming of Too Hot To Handle, she started dating Harry Jowsey. He was also a contestant in the show. Later, on 17 June 2020, they announced their break-up through Twitter. They even had matching tattoos on their fingers. Francesca recently has sparked rumors about dating another television star Damian Powers. She has also come out as bisexual and accepts it openly.

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Francesca Farago Net Worth
Harry and Francesca’s finger tattoos.

Francesca Farago Net Worth

Francesca Farago has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Farago came into the spotlight after starring in a reality television series called “Too Hot To Handle.” She is also an Instagram influencer and an entrepreneur. Francesca has seen a lot of success in her life. Francesca owns a swimwear line called “Farago The Label.” The swimwear line is full of different varieties of Swimwear. The label has a wide price range of 70 Dollars to 180 Dollars. It consists of a range of varieties of Swimwear, from bikini to one-pieces. Farago launched the label during the airing of Too Hot To Handle. All the products in her label pass the vibe of the show Too Hot To Handle. These products are completely vegan, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

Francesca's swimwear line

Francesca is an Instagram influencer. She has gained a lot of Instagram followers. Her followers are increasing every day because of her increasing fame. Francesca often posts her pictures in her Swimwear on her Instagram. She always leaves her fans startled by her beauty.

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More about Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is an American-British reality television dating show. Ten contestants are put together in a house four weeks in the show. The contestants of the show are people who are unable to have a meaningful relationship in their life. Contestants receive a grand prize of 100,000 dollars. Prize money is reduced for every rule broken. The rules of the contest are: Contestants are forbidden from kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification.

Who Were The Winners In Too Hot To Handle Season 1?
Too Hot To Handle Season 1 Contestants

Too Hot To Handle is a Netflix original show. Fremantle, Talkback, and Thames are the producers of the show. This show is based on another show called “Contest,” which was aired in 1992. Lawren Gibson and Charlie Bennett created this show.  This show has two seasons and consists of 19 episodes. The show is presented by a virtual assistant named Lana. The show is narrated by Desiree Burch. The first season of Too Hot To Handle was shot at a very luxurious location Punta Mita in Mexico.

About the contestants

All the contestants were deemed to be winners in the first season. So, the remaining prize money of 75000 dollars was split among them. The first season consisted of contestants Francesca Farago, Harry Jowsey, Kelz Dyke, Lydia Clyma, David O’Brien, Rhonda Paul, Chloe Veitch, David Birtwistle, Bryce Hershberg, and Sharron Townsend. This season aired from 17 April 2020 to 8 May 2020. It consisted of 9 episodes of 30 to 45 minutes.

Francesca Farago Net WorthThe second episode of Too Hot To Handle was named when Harry met Francesca. This episode was all about Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. Francesca and Harry got interested in each other. They went on a date and later kissed. Three thousand dollars were reduced from the prize money. This was also the first rule broken on the show.

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