Fortnite Program Allows To Earn By Creating Content

Arguably one of the hottest games out there, Fortnite has surpassed all benchmarks and since the company is gaining such a strong momentum, it seems that its the revenues that are following them but, if we say that they are now icing the cake by allowing players of the game to earn as well, how would you react? That is up to you to decide as it will indeed happen now.

Fortnite New Program: Support-A-Creator-Event:

Fortnite's Support-A-Creator-Event

Fortnite’s current season 6 is going on, and it has been teased that Epic Games are bringing two new modes including one of the earlier ones, the 50v50 mode but, this time it will be slightly different. Now, along with this, to celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday, the developers of the game has announced a new event which will automatically allow its players to earn some hard cash just by creating contents.

Now, this is nothing new for Fortnite players, as there are tournaments already where top players compete against one another in order to get their hands on that attractive some but, for that, you need to be skilled to defeat some of the toughest players out there. This new upcoming event will be the perfect opportunity to earn some more, and the most attractive thing about this is, it’s open to everybody, who knows a thing or two about the game.

The program is being called as ‘Support-A-Creator-Event.’ The title is self-explanatory, you create content with the game and to support your awesome work, Fortnite will be paying you. This will help you in your creations and will motivate you to work more, and players can join the event anytime, and according to the official website, this program will be staying till 31st December 2018.

When a V-bucks is transferred to a creator in the game, he/she will earn money, and this can be done one at a time, and after two weeks, players can switch to support other creators as well. According to the official page, accepted players will earn 5 dollars for every 10000 V-bucks transferred to him/her by the supporters.

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