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When is The Fortnite New Update v16.30 Coming?

Fortnite (Credits: Epic Games)

Fortnite, the very popular Battle Royale, disabled its servers on 27th in preparation for its new update. Fortnite, a game under Epic Games, became globally famous after its free version was released back in 2017. For non-players, think of Fortnite as a mix of Minecraft and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (all the more reason to play it!) The reason for its popularity is its wide-ranged availability across PC, iOS, Android, and consoles. The game is also divided into various seasons, each of them bringing before the audience newer, more innovative themes, and a large number of changes to the gameplay and the landscape, regularly.

The absence of graphic gory details and the use of cartoonised characters broadens the game’s audience. The absence of blood appeals to those who have blood as a trigger, and both things help in gaining an audience in the younger generation.  The game is currently in the 2nd chapter, season 6. The game is updated quite frequently to keep the game fresh and inviting. In this update of 16.30, the gamers have been provided with new patches, including skin type and many more.

Sica, a character from Fortnite (Credits: EPIC)

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Fortnite: 16.30 Update Release

On 27th April, the official Twitter account of Fortnite, @FortniteStatus uploaded a tweet stating the countdown for the new update of 16.30 and then disabled the services for a while for the preparation of the same. With the news of the update, there were rumors about Stars Wars-related content, and significant Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic series as well, which both players and readers can enjoy.

So without further ado let’s dive right into the new patch updates for 16.30!

Fortnite: New Updates –

A Brief Overview of Batchnotes as given by Fortnite:

  • Jonesy the First has to take down Raz the thief with your help. This indicates that Jonesy the First is the most important figure in this update.
  • A new unpredictable bow.
  • The Floor Restores: new LTM addition.
  • New Weapons like Primal and Makeshift weapons and Bows are added.
  • No more navigating menus while you are in the middle of a gunfight.
  • Players can now view the exact statistics in number of an item.

1. Fortnite Manic Skin’s New Variant.

Manic New Update (Credits: EPIC)

Manic Skin has now become very fancy! The new model for Manic sports a stylish black armor jacket, red tattoos and hair, 2 ninja blades. This looks much better than its previous version of the black casket outfit. In addition to that, there’s a new mask addition, known as “Manic Punk,” which adds more to the badassness of the skin. There’s also a purchaser’s plus, a blade-style pickaxe, which needs to be bought separately. As usual, you have to purchase them using your  V Bucks in the item shop tab.

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2. Neymar Jr’s Arrival

New Update: Neymar Jr Skin (Credits: EPIC)

The most-talked part about this update is Neymar Jr’s arrival. Good news, he can be found on the new update, as announced by Epic! He will be having a pickaxe and a glider, among other things as well! Catch the official announcement of his release here:

In relation to this new NPC quests surrounding soccer have also been added.

3. New Weapons:

  • A new and unpredictable “Unstable Exotic Bow.”

A New Weapon: Unstable Bow (Credits: EPIC)

  • Raz’s Explosive Bow: The new “Mystic” Weapon.
  • Star Wars weapons including the E-11 Blaster Rifle, Mandalorian’s Jetpack, and Amban Sniper Rifle will make a comeback on the Fourth of May.

Some of the New Weapons (Credits: EPIC)

4. New LTM Updates:

The following are the LTM Updates:

  • Knockout: Air Raid Duos
  • Ground Game Squads
  • Solid Gold Squads
  • Wild West Squads
  • Sneaky Silencers Squads
  • Siphon Squads

A Still From the Game

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5. Bug Fixes

In their very own Trello board, Epic talked about the bugs that have been fixed in the game. Some of the ones resolved include:

  • The non-availability of rewards from quests given by Jonesy the First
  • Visual effects problems, like the storm visual effect happening outside the storm.
  • Non-updation of the “Recent Islands” lift.
  • The low Spawn Objective Rate in Bad Clams/Destroy Fungus quest.

6. Other New Cosmetics:

Coming back to cosmetics since this update was more about cosmetics than not. We got a lot of new skins and items in the Fortnite new 16.30 update. To be more exact, we got 8 new skins, plus emotes, pickaxes, gliders, and back blings. And, good news, we also got toys after ages.

Here’s a list of all the skins we got in this update:

New Skins Available in the new update (Credits: Twitter)

News of Further Updates: Batman is Coming!

Components of Batman Bundle (Via ShiinaBR on Twitter)

Fortnite is going to have its own Batman Bundle very soon. Leaked by popular Fortnite leaker, @ShiinaBR, Batman Zero skin, Batman from Zero Loading screen, Grappling Axe Pickaxe, and a Battleworn Cape Back Bling will be added by May 5 at least.

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