Fortnite Ghost Portal Back Bling And Secret Banner Guide

Halloween has come to Fortnite with the comeback of Skull Trooper skin and the release of the Skull Ranger skin. New items are available in the shop except for the Ghost Portal Back Bling. Tips on how to unlock the Ghost Portal Back Bling and the location of a free banner will be featured in this article.

Fortnite Ghost Portal Back Bling Guide

The Halloween items for Fortnite includes two skins, a harvesting tool, and a glider. The Skull Trooper (for males) can be bought in the shop for 1,500 V-Bucks and those who already have the skin can customize the color to purple (regular is white or green). The Skull Ranger (for females) is a new skin which is available for 1,200 V-Bucks. If you want to use the Crypt Cruiser Epic Glider, you’ll have to spare 1,200 V-Bucks, the same with the Skull Sickle Harvesting Tool.

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But if you want to own the Ghost Portal Back Bling, you need to complete challenges to unlock the item. As per GameSpot, the Skull Trooper Challenges include to following:

  • Complete 7 Daily Challenges
  • Play 50 Matches
  • Play 14 matches with at least one elimination
  • Search 10 chests in a single match
  • Deal 1000 damage to opponents in a single match

You might want to make time for these challenges if you really want to have the Back Bling because these are long quests. However, this are not for naught because you will surely gather experience points and Battle Stars by doing the challenges.

Fortnite Week 2 Secret Battle Banner Location

Players who complete the Week 2 Hunting Party challenge will be able to unlock a load-screen that serves as a clue to a hidden battle banner. Banners are useful as it levels your Battle Pass by one tier. The hidden banner clue is in the load-screen in one of the trees, as seen below.

The tree can be found in north of Paradise Palms. The best way to get it is to glide to that location in the beginning of the match and find the carriage. When you find it, a banner will appear and you can collect it the usual way.

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