Fortnite For Android: How To Install It In Your Phone?

Epic Games finally announced the Android version of their famous game Fornite which has been played around the world in PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. To gather more players in one of the biggest gaming platforms right now, Fortnite will finally reach the gamers who are using Android phones. But first, how do you install Fornite for Android in your phone?

Fortnite For Android Installation Guide

The first thing that you need to do is to know if your device can run Fortnite or not. There’s a list of supported phones, and if you have the latest Samsung or Google Pixel, you can run the game pretty well. To know if you can run the game, you must have an updated version of the Android operating system (Oreo to Pie). The RAM should be at least 3GB or higher and the GPU should be at least Adreno 530/ Mali G-71 MP20 / Mali-G72 MP12.

fortnite for android

The second step is to download the Fortnite Game Installer here. The game is not still in the Google Play, and this is the only way to install the game. And lastly, install the Fortnite Installer APK that you downloaded from Epic Games. If you run the app, it will install the game itself. The installation will not start when your phone is not supported.

It is not advisable to try and download the APK version from unofficial sites. A lot of the APK copies are modded and who knows what are modded in the file. And even if tried, the game will eject the player once it detected an unsupported device. Players who started the game like such will still not be able to enjoy the game because of Epic Games’ restriction. It might take a while for other devices to be able to play the game. Unless you want some malicious code running in your device, avoid installing APK from unofficial sources.

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