Fortnite: Epic Games Acquires Anti-Cheat Company Kamu

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, and the game has already become one of the biggest games with an extraordinary number of players. Recently, Epic Games announced about the acquisition of the anti-cheat company, Kamu. It is based in Helsinki, and it will now operate under Epic Games. Epic Games shared a post which contained the announcement of the same.

Epic Games Acquires Kamu:

Epic Games Acquires Kamu
Epic Games Acquires Kamu

According to the post, Kamu was founded back in 2013, and it provides services on security, management, and telemetry of the games. The anti-cheat service is pretty popular as according to the data, it is already installed on 100 million+ PCs, and it protects 80 games. Now, Kamu is already partnered with major companies like Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Focus Home Interactive, Epic Games and others as well. Their management skills are also well known which comes in great aid for publishers after launching their game.

The company basically prevents cheating and other illegal stuff including hacking with the use of AI-powered anti-cheat service with ‘hybrid client‑server technology.’ The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney that Kamu’s services, the team is very much responsible behind the overall experience that players get in Fortnite. With the help of Kamu’s tools, they’ve been able to create an environment where all players participate with equal opportunities by keeping cheating and other unfair activities at bay.

Kamu’s anti-cheat services are being used in top games like Far Cry 5, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, DragonBall Fighter Z and many other games. It is also mentioned in the press release that Kamu will grow and expand its services and will try to support more customers in the upcoming future and Epic will now look over all the major developments. With this, they sure have to be bringing some major changes in Fortnite as well, however, its something only time will tell us as nothing regarding this was revealed.

Kamu’s CEO also mentioned that it was his childhood dream to join Epic Games which sure came true. The company will look forward to up their game in the multiplayer field by developing their current technologies. Let’s see if this acquisition affects Fortnite in any manner or not.

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