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Fortnite Battle Royale For Mobile Phones Announced

Fortnite Battle Royale For Mobile Phones Announced

There’s a lot of gaming platforms existing in the market right now. Nintendo got its Nintendo Switch, Microsoft brandishes its Xbox One, Sony got the PlayStation 4, and let’s not forget about the traditional PC games. And then there’s also the two rivals, Android phones, and iPhones. Fortnite Battle Royale is currently available for almost all platform except for Android devices. This is kind of a sad news for Android users who want to try the game.

It is already a great feat that this game is a success in mobile gaming even though the largest market cannot access it yet. But worry no more, Android users. Epic Games, the developer of the game, announced that there will be Fortnite Battle Royale that will be released in the next months. Although there is still no official news as to when the Android version will be available, at least we’re getting an Android version.

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To download the game, you can download it through Epic Games’ official site. However, when you receive the download link from an email invite, you will receive game codes that you can share with other players. Players that are not invited via email can still get their games. However, it is really better if you take advantage of the email game codes.

One of the greatest features of this game is the Cross Play. This feature enables the user to play with other players regardless of the platform being used. The graphics, the story, and all other contents will not be as different across every platform. This does not only centralizes gameplay across all platforms, it also helps the player to choose if he will go mobile or he will go console.

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As the biggest game right now, there’s no mistake that everyone is addicted to this game. According to SuperData, the game already surpassed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when it comes to sales. Fortnite Battle Royale’s revenue for the month of February is about $126 million compared to PUBG’s $103 million. There are a lot of factors that affected sales for each game. PUBG is a paid game that can be purchased for $30. Fortnite, on the other hand, is free to play with in-game purchases.

It is too early to conclude that PUBG will be overtaken by Fortnite. PUBG’s free to play mobile game was just released and it will go on a battle with Fortnite’s mobile platform to counter the latter’s cross-platform advantage.

Fortnite Battle Royale For Mobile Phones can be easily downloaded from the app store and is available globally 


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