Fortnite 5.10 Patch Notes, LTM Playground Mode Details

Fortnite has made some big announcements regarding the playground mode. It will now allow the players to challenge their friends to a fight. They will also be able to build whatever they want to on their own private island. The Save the World storyline will continue as the game goes into the Canny Valley. There is a birthday quest line, and if you complete it, you will unlock a special birthday reward.

Fortnite 5.10 Patch Notes

“#Fortnite1st Birthday
We’ve got a birthday party planned for #Fortnite1st, and you’re invited! Eat cake, party and bring your friends. Each Birthday Challenge you complete unlocks a slice of the birthday cosmetic set.,” revealed the information on their website.

Fortnite 5.10

The Playground mode will be coming back on Wednesday, July 25! With the new options, the players will be able to set up team battles for practice and training. There’s a new weapon in the Battle Royale, which is the Compact SMG. The new weapon is effective in close contact as it has a large capacity and it has rapid firing.

Fortnite 5.10

Now about the Save the World campaign. You can go and explore the secrets hidden along the route. You can also check out the new Arid Biome. Also, when you complete the Birthday storyline, you will unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez. You will earn event tickets which can be used on the limited time Birthday Llama.

There are some new features which are coming at 5.10.
Here are the new things that will be soon coming out—

– All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
– Changed countdown timers to display more useful information
– Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours.
– Shows hours:minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
– Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
– Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
– Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons

The playground mode will return for a limited time on July 25, 2018. The Players will now be able to switch teams while in- game. Also, the matches will no longer end if one player leaves the server. So, that’s a plus point.

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