Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2 Release Date: ‘I Am Confident About the Weather’

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‘Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2’ will be decoding many new avatars of the characters. While both Ha Kyung and Si Wook work at the same office, they look up to their jobs in completely different ways. Not only them but from the posters, it can be said that while working in the same space, debates about work are inevitable. It is the dedication that the members have towards their jobs that makes it all work out.

The makers of the drama have taken care of every possible detail so that the theme stands out to be as real as possible. By the looks of the trailer and teasers, it does seem that they stood on all the expectations. Even every actor involved in this journey has done their research so that they can do justice to their part. Since the genre is office romance, so naturally, most of the scenes will involve their office space and work. To make it look and sound real, details have been taken care of. From fashion to dialogue delivery, it looks promising enough to keep the audience hooked up till the last episode.

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Forecasting Love And Weather Synopsis 

Forecasting Love And Weather is about the story between Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo, who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration. While Jin Ha Kyung is always going through the theories, Lee Si Woo is known for his instincts, especially when it comes to the weather. In one of the clips, it showed that when everyone was in a dilemma about the fact whether a typhoon was on its way or not, it was Lee Si Woo who said it with conviction. However, when Ji Ha Kyung got to know about this, she wasn’t satisfied with it.

Forecasting Love And Weather
Forecasting Love And Weather

Lee Si Woo may be clumsy and sometimes may appear aloof. However, when the concerned topic is about the weather, he knows what he is talking about. The interesting part is his instincts never let him down, as if he shares a special bond with the weather. Every job comes with its challenges, and this is also not an exception. The actors also revealed how they wanted to portray the characters with utmost finesse so that people get to know the hard work that goes behind each small detail or news regarding the weather. The makers even spoke with people who were genuinely associated with the job. Even documents as old as 30 to 40 years were also gone through so that minute details may be incorporated.

Expectations are high, and we are all with high hopes that the drama will be a binge-worthy one.

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What To Expect From Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2?

Since Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo are on different pages regarding the weather, we can expect clashes of opinions. Han Ki Joon and Si Woo may also have kind of a face-off. However, that can be expected a bit later in the episodes.

Forecasting Love And Weather

The characters need time to unfold their layers, and since it’s just the second episode, not too many twists and turns can be expected. However, it truly will be an interesting watch to see the fresh theme along with some amazing performances.

How To Watch Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2? Streaming Details 

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2 will be aired on its original network JTBC, and for the international audience, the drama is available on the streaming platform Netflix. Besides this, you can also stream the drama online.

When Will Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2 Release?

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 2 will release on 13th February 2022. The drama is scheduled to release on 12th January and is expected to wrap up by 3rd April 2022. For IST, the drama will be aired at 7:00 pm. For Canada and USA, it will be 8:30 am, for the UK, it will be 1:30 pm, and for Australia, it will be 12:30 am.

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