For Honor Season 8 Release Date and Update

The eighth season of For Honor was released a few months back. The seventh season of For Honor has been titled Storm and Fury. The seventh season was released for all platforms at once. There was no time difference between the release of the show. The seventh season of For Honor was released on August 2, 2019.

The rumors about a possible eighth season being released earlier were very strong right from the off. The seventh season was only just released, so many people believed that it was too early to expect any big news about the eighth season. The announcement did take some time to reach us. But, it is obvious that it is going to happen. The next season of For Honor is titled, “Marching Fire” and it is planned for release on October 16.

For Honor Season 8 Release Date

The new season of For Honor has been described as “the biggest and most ambitious update ever.”
The official site describes the new season as—

“With a new faction, four new heroes, a new 4×4 mode, significant visual enhancements, and single unlimited player and 2-person co-op PVE mode yet to be revealed, Marching Fire expands the world of For Honor like never before.”

The new season brought a brand-new map, which is called “Secluded Keep.” There was a description attached to the map of the seventh season. The map is described as follows—
The map has owned by a high lord, and now it is a subject of a dispute. The players were able to play the new map in several game modes. These modes include— Elimination, Tribute, Skirmish, Brawl, and Duel.

There were other changes to the game after the players provided Ubisoft with feedback. Thus, they changed the two heroes. Valkyrie and Warden “will receive major gameplay updates to improve the versatility and efficiency of their respective move sets.”

Storm and Furt also introduced a ranking system update. There are two new divisions— Master and Grand Master. The new divisions have been described as follows— “Introducing 2 new divisions in the For Honor Ranking System – Master & Grand Master, which are reserved for the fiercest warriors. Players will also be able to monitor their progress with the new Ranking Leaderboard.”

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