For Honor Pirate Hero Update: When will it be Available?

For Honor Pirate Hero Update: Content And Release Date
For Honor Pirate Hero

It is time for the final season of the Year Five of For Honor. Ubisoft dropped the trailer for the new season. The new season is called Pirate Hero. What is the new update bringing to For Honor? Is there a new character arriving? Who is this new character, and from which group do they associate? There are so many questions, and in this blog, we will discuss everything about the new Pirate Hero Update in detail. For Honor is an action-adventure fighting game. Ubisoft launched For Honor in 2017. For Honor was in development for over six years, which started back in 2012.

For Honor is set in the medieval fantasy world called Heatmoor. The game has a single-player story mode where the players take a hero from one of three factions, the Samurai, the Vikings, and the Knights. The main aim is to defeat the warlord and main antagonist, Apollyon. Apollyon is wreaking havoc in Heatmoor and is hellbent on creating a war between the three factions. For Honor has four factions, the Vikings, the Knights, the Samurai, and the Wu Lin, with a total of twenty-nine heroes. In the multiplayer, For Honor has eight modes: Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Skirmish, Elimination, Tribute, Breach, and Ranked Duel. For Honor received positive reviews from the fans and critics and the main highlight was combat mechanics, which is original and difficult to master.

For Honor Pirate Hero Update Contents

The fifth-year of For Honor is ending with a bang. Ubisoft dropped the trailer for the final season update with its contents for For Honor’s fifth year. The last expansion, Frozen Shores, led the players to a chilly location, where the devs teased the players with a new character coming in the For Honor.

The Pirate Hero Update introduces the player to a new character archetype, the Pirates. The trailer shows that the Pirate archetypes will use a sword and a gun. The trailer shows the blend of swords and guns in a spectacular way. The pirates will be the first hero arriving from a new group called the Outlanders.

Who is this new group called Outlanders? Outlanders are a new group who are not from the Heatmoor but come from a place that many people do not know about. Ubisoft describes them as not a part of traditional groups like Vikings, knights, etc. The Outlanders are free peoples who are always on the journey to find riches. Whoever pays them well, the Outlanders fight for them. Ubisoft confirms that the Outlanders will not be a part of the faction, as the main reason behind this is that they are adventurers and do not want to conquer the lands and settle down, at least not yet.

The Outlanders have their emblem, The emblem of Outlanders contains everything they do or represent. The emblem has a sextant and compass. The middle of emblem has a dagger.

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For Honor Pirate Hero Update Release Date

When is the new Pirate Hero update releasing? Ubisoft dropped the trailer for the new update on 20 January 2022, where they announced the new hero archetypes in a new group. 

For Honor Pirate Hero Update
For Honor

The Pirate Hero update will drop on 27 January 2022 on Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The Pirate Hero will be purchasable on the same day of the release from the first-party stores as a package. The Package will include 

  • Exclusive Ornament
  • Elite Outfit 
  • Three Scavenger Crates  
  • Champion Status for Seven Days

From 10 February 2022, the Pirate Hero will be purchasable using For Honor’s in-game currency, SteelsPlayers will need 15,000 steels to the Pirate Hero. Ubisoft is also doing a special thing with this new update. With the new Pirate Hero update, players will receive an Event Pass, in which the players will receive exclusive rewards and some season armors for the heroes.

Ubisoft announced that the Year five Season 4 The Pirate Hero update will run till 16 March 2022. The Year six Season 1 will start on 17 March 2022. The Year Six is known as Lost Horizons, and two new heroes from the Outlanders group will come with new weapons and new fighting styles.

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