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FM999: Women’s Songs: What You Need To Know

What comes to one’s mind when we hear the name japan? It can remind people of Anime, Movies, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or Samurais. East Asian Dramas are shaking the world by storm, and one of them is Japanese dramas. FM999: Women’s Songs is a Japanese drama telecasted on Wowow. It is a drama of women importance as we see just like how the writers give importance to the Female Protagonist of the story, just like Anime Movie Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited away. We can quite vie this Japanese Drama as a Feminist Work.

Synopsis of FM999: Women’s Songs

The plot of the drama revolves around a girl named Koike Kiyomi. She is 16 -years old and is a School student. Often Kiyomi deals with complex feelings and emotions running through her mind. Every Teenager goes through the same complex emotions inside them.

And One day, A question rises in her mind “what is a woman?”. Then a voice from the radio says, ” Women’s Songs: Radio FM999 starts!”. And That’s where the Title of this Japanese drama comes from. She is very curious about the Radio Program and starts listening to it every day. There she comes across women around the world that have similar problems and problems like hers. As she starts listening to them, she learns a lot from them.

But when she stressed about her future and what can she do about her secure future again, the same question arises inside her. Coming Back to Reality, she comes across a female senior student named Shinkai. And her influence on Kiyomi is seen in future life.

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The cast of FM999: Women’s Songs.

The drama has Yukawa Hina, Okabe Takashi, Kura Yuki, Miyazawa Rie, Ota Rina, Yashiro Aki, and many other supporting characters. 

Cast and their role in Drama:

  • Hina Yukawa as Koike Kiyomi
  • Okabe Takashi as Kiyomi’s Father
  • Yuki Kura as Shinkai
  • Tarako as Fm999’S DJ
  • Miyazawa Rie as A woman in the Radio Programme.
  • Otah Rina as a Woman Going Fishing
  • Yashiro Aki as a Prime Minister
  • Miura Toko as A magical Woman

Release Date of FM999: Women’s Songs.

The Japanese drama is being telecasted by a Japanese streaming Network called WOWOW. To the viewers of Japan, one needs to pay as it is a paid network. The drama is of 10 episodes. And it is released on 29th March 2021, and the Drama’s last episode will be telecasted on 31st May 2021. Its Airing time is 9:30 pm, and its running time is unknown yet.

  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Writer: Nagahisa Makoto
  • Director: Nakamura Takeshi and Okhum Kazuhiro
  • Total No.of Ep: 10
  • Release Date: 29th March 2021
  • Ending Date: 31st May 2021
  • Network: WOWOW

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Where to watch FM999: Wome’s Song.

The viewers in japan can watch it Through the WOWOW network by taking a subscription. But the world viewers have no source available to watch it. Currently, there is no website to watch FM999: Women’s Songs. So the international Viewers have to wait for the Show to get on valid sources like Viki, Dramafever of Wetv App. 

Just like K dramas, Japanese Dramas are also Becoming popular with time, and people are familiar with Dramas like Chugakusei Niki, Coffee, and Vanilla. The famous drama that had been translated and remade into many dramas is Boys Over Flowers. The drama was also a huge hit in South Korea and is made into lots of Languages. So the Audience and J drama Lovers are currently rooting for this Drama.

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