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Flower Evil Season 1 (2020) Episode Guide

flower of evil season 1 episode guide

The drama Flower Evil Season 1 is a crazy South Korean drama released in the year 2020 Hospital. It is directed by Kim ChulGyu, Yoon Jong Ho and the screenwriter is Yoo Jung Hee. The drama is on air on TVN and is also available on Netflix. The release date of the series is July 29, 2020, and got off air on September 23, 2020. It is one of the most appreciated k dramas of the year. Flower Evil Season 1 is also called as AguiKkot, AkuiKkot, The Flower of Evil, Flower of Evil, akeui kkot.

The genre will be Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Crime, and Melodrama. The drama will also be available to watch on other online platforms. About Viki but it is not available on Viu. Also, you can surf the drama on Apple TV and We TV. Being a Netflix original it is skeptical if they release on any other platforms except the one mention above.

The drama is having some high quite appreciable rating. The drama is rated 8.7  by IMDb and 9.1 by MyDramaList. The ratings are quite great. The first season has ruled the OTT platform which is much expected from it. The plot seems to be typical and simple the main plot is based on Chae Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) who is a detective. She is also married to BaekHee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) and blessed with a daughter. BaekHee-Sung is like a committed husband and father. He hides his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity in his name. He deceives his wife completely without telling her about it. His wife Cha Ji-Won learns of his deception and chases his past. The drama is going to have a total of 16 episodes.

The drama length is mediocre and interesting to see. The duration of the episodes is around1 hour 10 minutes. While watching the drama you can surely keep up high hopes. Overall, the drama ruled the OTT and is surely a time-watch drama. So, if you are thinking of starting a new series you can try to watch this one.

flower of evil season 1

Star cast of Flower Evil season 1

The drama Flower Evil season 1 is a great Korean drama starring Lee Joon Gi as BaekHee Sung / Do Hyun Soo, Moon Chae Won as Cha Ji Won, Jang HeeJin as Do Hae Soo, Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Moo Jin. They are the main lead of the drama it revolves around their lives. The drama gives a highlight over the past lives and how it affects the present lives.

The drama is having a strong supportive cast Nam Ki Ae as Gong Mi Ja [Hee Sung’s mother], Son Jong Hak as Baek Man Woo [Hee Sung’s father], Jo Kyung Sook as Moon Young Ok [Ji Won’s mother], Jung Seo Yeon as BaekEun Ha [Hee Sung and Ji Won’s daughter], Choi DaeHoon as Lee Woo Chul [Detective], Choi Young Joon as Choi Jae Sup [Detective], Kim Soo Oh as Im Ho Joon [Detective], ImChul Hyung as Yoon Sang Pil [Homicide Chief], Yang Hye Jin as Kang Pil Young [Hanjoogan Magazine]

Ju Ye Eun as Reporter Joo [Hanjoogan Magazine], Hong Seo Joon as Oh Young Joon [Police captain], Park Hyun Joon as Do Hyun Soo [Young], Im Na Young as Do Hae Soo [Young], Jung Taek Hyun as Kim Moo Jin [Young], Choi Byung Mo as Do Min Seok [Hyun Soo’s father], Kim Ji Hoon as BaekHee Sung, Kim Ki Moo as Yum Sang Chul, Jeon Young as Park Soon Young [Baek Housekeeper], Han Soo Yeon as Jung Mi Sook.

There are many Guest Role appearance in the series, the star cast of the guest role is Kim Nan Hee as [Judge] (Ep.16), Lee Ja Ryung as [Real estate agent] (Ep.16), Jun Joon Wo as [Lawyer] (Ep.16), Jun Eun Mi as [Resident found metal-work studio closed] (Ep 3), Lee Chae Yoon as Do Hae Soo [Child], Cha Sung Je as Do Hyun Soo [Child], Kim Gun as Kim In Seo (Ep.1, 8, 10-11), Yoon Hee Seok as Kim Sang Jin (Ep.1), Lee Eon Jung as Go Ae Young (Ep.1, 8, 10), Park Soo Yeon as Dr. Bae Eun Suk (Ep.1), Lee Gyu Bok as Nam Sun Gil (Ep.1-3).

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Ryu Ha Sung as Yoon Ji Hoon (Ep.1), Seo Ye Hee as [Yoon Ji Hoon’s mother] (Ep.1),Heo Jae Ho as Ahn Jong Goo (Ep.2), Park Mu Yeom as [Instructor for Facial Expression] (Ep 2, 4), Yoon In Jo as [NFS medical examiner] (Ep.2), Park Hye Jin as Jung Moon Ok (Ep.2), Song Chang Gyu as [Apartment Security] (Ep.2), Lee Yun Seol as Park Seo Young (Ep.2), Kwak Na Yeon as [Kindergarten principal] (Ep.2).

Yoon Byung Hee as Park Kyung Chun (Ep.3-5), Shin Hyun Jong as [Chinese restaurant owner] (Ep.3-4, 7), Lee Dong Kyu as [YBS News Anchor] (Ep.3, 6, 12), Han Mi Jin as [Nam Sun Gil’s wife] (Ep.3-4), Song Hoon as [Director] (Ep.4, 6), Park Seung Tae as Oh Bok Ja (Ep.4, 10), Kim Tae Hyang as [News anchor] (Ep.4-5), Kim Gi Cheon as Dr. Lee Hyun Suk (Ep.5), Lee Won Jin as [Police officer] (Ep.5).

Woo Sang Wook as Detective Kyung Sik [YunJu Police] (Ep 5), Jang Joon Ho as Dr. Shin (Ep.6), Shin Hee Gook as [Doctor] (Ep.6), Park Mi Hyun as Jang Young Hee (Ep.6-7), Moon Ha Yeon as [Jang Young Hee’s daughter] (Ep.6), Yoo Yong as [Police officer at hospital] (Ep.6), Hwang Hee Jung as [Intern] (Ep 6), Yong Jin as [Hospital Night Detective for Kyung Chun] (Ep.6), Ha Min as [School counselor] (Ep.7, 10,13), Kim Mi Hwa as Hwang Jung Soon [Employment Agency’s woman] (Ep.8-9), Park Jung Eon as [I.D. Office Staff] (Ep.8), Choi Young Woo as Lee Tae Sup (Ep.8-11)

Park Gwang Jae as Sung Jae Goo (Ep.8-12), Jung Chung Gu as Mr. Kim [Audio engineer] (Ep.9), Lee Chae Kyung as [Hypnotherapist] (Ep.10), Kim Han Sang as [Emergency Room Doctor] (Ep 11), Shin Jun Chul as PD Woo Han Soo (Ep.13), Choi Kwon Soo as BaekHee Sung [Teen] (Ep.13), Lee Min Ah as [Woman with dashcam footage] (Ep.14), Jang Eui Don as [Detective] (Ep.15), Kim Song Il as [OR surgeon] (Ep. 15), Jang Joon Hyun as [Food deliveryman] (Ep.15), Chun Jung Ha as [KCSI Investigator] (Ep 13), Ahn Sung Gun as [Police officer] (Ep.14), Jin Ga Min as [Police officer] (Ep.15), Lee Hyun Kyun as Yang Jin Tae (Ep.16).

Hong Tae Sun as [Photographer] (Ep.16), Kim Geun Young as [Juror] (Ep.16), Kim Yeo Jin as Prosecutor Choi (Ep.16), Shin Seo Woo as [Apartment boy] (Ep. 3), Lee Jae Eun as [Fishing guesthouse owner] (Ep. 4-5), Choi Nam Wook as [Psychiatric hospital staff] (Ep. 13), Kim Sung Yong as [Detective] (Ep.70). They all have played a major role in building the plot of the drama.

Synopsis of Flower Evil season 1

The story revolves around Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) who is a known detective. She gets married to Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) and they are blessed with a daughter. Baek Hee-Sung looks like he is a committed husband and father. The twist occurs when a secret comes out. The secret that he hides is about his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity. This secret will turn another way as he deceives his wife completely.

Cha Ji-Won learns about his deception and chases his past. Even though Baek Hee Sung is hiding a dark secret about his real identity but it is also the fact that he has an antisocial personality disorder. Also, he establishes a family where he is seen as a loving husband and father with a successful career in his metal workshop studio. From the outside, Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) looks like the ideal husband.

He has a hard-working craftsman which made his metal-working studio met with its fair share of success. These accolades don’t stop there as he comfortable working around the house as he is working in his studio. Hee Sung can as easily fill the roles of father and husband as he can business owner and craftsman.

Even after thriving on the excitement of unraveling mysteries and the high that comes from bringing criminals to justice, Ji Won is always searching for the next clue to reach the criminal as soon as possible. She takes a particular cruel case and goes around some dark crumble path. Also, she is determined to bring the evil psychopath to justice. She tries to dive completely into the case. This is kind of a suspenseful game of cat and mouse. “Flower of Evil” is a 2020 crime thriller drama directed by Kim Cheol Kyu.

The drama flower of evil is one of the best-rated K dramas which makes it sure a one-time watch. Also, the series is quite fresh and thrilling which makes it different. The story is something different from the typical K drama plot. Overall this is quite a great drama surely something you won’t regret seeing as the drama is a mix of every element from love to suspense to all the drama.

flower of evil season 1

Plot Overview

The Drama Flower of Evil revolves around a murder mystery. It unfolds with time and how the criminal is caught is a thing to see in the drama.

Episode 1

The drama The Flower Evil starts with an A man is tied up, bloodied, and drowning; Flower Of Evil wastes little time in episode 1. This is a journey that is a dark, deliciously twisted little murder mystery. The episodes start with blowing out the birthday candles. Hee-Sung tells his parents about his relationship. His parents call the girl dumb as she is not able to suspect the evil things after being a cop. With this statement in the head, it soon becomes apparent that Hee-Sung is involved in something dark.

He assures his parents to not being tense and to worry about the situation. He leaves for the station. Ho- Joon falls asleep on the job and Ji-Won remained focus on the CCTV camera footage. Sang-Jin left the scene wearing normal shoes and seems to be excited. Hee-Sung drops his girl off at school and heads to see his Mother.

He also reminds her that she is unable to create the bond which can cause some major issues. Ji-Won visits little Ji-Hoon who is the child from the CCTV footage. She learns about the true events of what happened. After this, the dog disappeared down the stairs and started barking at In-Seo. As a dog already bit him once he was afraid and backed up, slipping down the stairs. Ironically after this, she receives a call from Hee-Sung’s Mother severing ties. Ji-Won heads back home while Hee-Sung is there and acting normally, laughing and joking with Eun-Ha. At last, Hee-Sung has left Moo-jin in his workshop alone and tied up.

Episode 2

Episode 2 begins with the deepening of character and settles on a consistent rhythm. There is a brief flash of the past that is given. In the portrayal it sees Hee-Sung practicing his smiling in the mirror and meeting Ji-Won for the first time. This is quite simple and not something to talk about in the scene.

But the thing that is to note is the deception and how long it went. The next day police call the scene of another crime location. The murder scene has a woman bloodied lying face down on the floor with her thumbnail missing. Ho-Joon comments that this seems quite similar to the Yeonju City serial murder case which they had years ago.

In that case, also all the victims had their thumbnails missing too. Ji-Won contemplates if there is any copycat to that murder prowling around all these years later. The plot thickens it turns out that a woman donated 370,000 dollars before she dies. She is old and owns a building. The only family she was related to was her son.

Some interesting characters are playing. Eun-ha’s innocence slowly chips away and the credits go to Hee-Sung’s parenting is something that may prove to be his undoing going forward. The cherry on the cake is Hee-Sung’s past ties to Min-Seok finally allow them to understand why he’s hiding under a false identity. That’s only one side of the story and seeing him relentlessly bullied as a teen may explain what drove him to snap and to be in the murderous field.

Episode 3 of Flower Evil season 1

In episode 3 it is seen Hee-Sung convinces Ji-Won that everything is okay. Her suspicions quelled as Hee-Sung heads downstairs and feeds Moo-jin his last meal. He is seen crushing pills and tries to force them into the house. We can get to see a scene where Moo-jin screams for mercy. Also, Hee-sun brings up Moo-Jin’s story online and some related videos that’s been uncovered too.

Moo-Jin pleads with him and telling Hee-Sung he won’t tell any person about the murderer it is cold and calculated. He still wants collateral. Ji-Won comes to the crime scene and starts investigating the crime. Checking the body, Ji-Won notices that on the CCTV footage that a man stood over the victim in a black coat. Hee-Sung realizes that he too had a black coat on the previous night while he was with them.

After this, we can see Ji-Won patches up Hee-Sung and quizzes Moo-jin over Soon-Kil’s murder. He is also taken down to the station and admits it is a serial killer’s doing. He goes on to admit Hyun-Soo was working with his Father. Hee-Sung fumbles his way through the interview which is arousing suspicions with Ji-Won. It is an incredibly tense episode also Flower Of Evil lays all the cards.

The plot turns what we once knew upside down. It also comes out that Hee-Sung wasn’t responsible for the murder in the Chinese shop. Also, the killer appears to have a serious cough and seems to hold a grudge against Hee-Sung. The episode is incredibly tense and with Ji-Won starting to close in on Hee-Sung. This has played out that cat and mouse game to perfection.

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Flower of Evil begins with flashes to the past where Ji-Won and Hee-Sung go on their first date. Asking her a question why she likes him he looks up and sees visions of her father standing in the distance. Taking the plot in present, Hee-Sung visits his hysterical Mother and tells her to calm down. Also, he explains that Ji-Won is in charge of the Soon-Kil case. He remains confident that they will solve the case.

They won’t be incriminated for it. Also, it introduces Do Hae-Su who is an actor on a movie scene who gets some direction from the Director over how to act alongside a dead body. During the Mid-shoot, she receives a call from Ji-Won they met. She then hands over her business card and suspects it’s to do with Hyun-Su. Ji- after this Won picks up on the words “our Hyun-Su” and she leaves before things get too heated between them.

She starts Sobbing and desperately asks for her father to return home. After this, he smiles at her and promises that he will come back. While Hee-Sung and the taxi driver come face to face at that moment Ji-Won finds a crucial clue. That clue comes in the form of Hee-Sung’s watch that he dropped inside the warehouse.

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Flower Evil season 1 Ji-Won is in shock at the bagged watch while Hee-Sung steps in the taxi. At that time he learns Kyung-Choon wants Mi-Sook. Moo-Jin phones come with a piece of bad news that the taxi driver is the killer. He threatens Hee-Sung’s child and drugs him before he can slip away.

After the news of Kyung-Choon’s kidnapping comes out police officers start a fight between them after being wire-tapped. JI-Won starts to get angry and agitated under the pressure related to her husband’s watch. She finds Hee-Sung’s phone on the ground and realizes her husband is in trouble.

Ji-Won quickly phones through to the officers and tells them to trace the cab. A thrilling race against time passing much of this episode, the entire hour is almost non-stop action and tension. There’s plenty of action to come as the show proceeds.

Episode 6 of Flower Evil season 1

Hee-Sung is carried to the hospital as he fights for his life. Also in such a groggy state, he promises himself not to live like Hyun-Soo any longer. After he steps out of the room an officer calls him Hyun-Soo. While he backs away and tries to ignore the officer he bumps into Ji-Won.

He is brought back to his room; he learns he had hypothermia which may lead to suffering memory loss. His parents arrive and Mi-Ja bites her tongue in the wake of little Eun-Ja desperate to stay by Hee-Sung’s side. He however tries to convince her gently to leave. Moo-Jin sees the news about the taxi driver releases on the mainstream news. Moo-Jin also interviews a suspect who hands over a tape that may hold a clue related to the case.

Ji-Won heads to the Chinese Cuisine and sees a bag of Hyun-Soo’s belongings. In that bag, there is the familiar fish key-chain we’ve seen so much of. She promises to herself to gather facts and give Hyun-Soo the punishment he deserves. This is a slower episode this time. The decision to keep Kyung-Choon alive is risky as it can be a problem for Hee-Sung in the future. Ji-Won is now aware of exactly who Hee-Sung is it will be interesting for a big cat and mouse game to ensue.

Episode 7

Ji-Won regrets the passionate evening with Hyun-Soo. She watches him sleep she thinks of one reason to forgive him. Hyun-Soo is waking upright though he instinctively reading her thoughts. He frets oversleeping in. Ji-Won presents him with a new watch and asks him not to lose it. Moo-Jin is seen entertaining a whole group of people at a karaoke bar. Drunken Moo-jin holds on tells the man he can’t trust him.

Hyun-Soo’s time of hiding his real identity has finally come to an end. Ji-Won is obviously angry and wants answers for all the lies he said to her. There’s still a soft corner of her that loves her husband. She loves Hyun-Soo deep down she is completely disturbed by his actions.

She has a child with this man and clearly, it doesn’t settle well with her. Hae-Soo confesses his story which is a shocking but perhaps unsurprising inclusion. Even after believing Hyun-Soo is this cold-blooded killer each episode has showing something very different from what we’ve been led to believe. This cat and mouse game looks set to continue but will Hae-Soo turn the tables back in Hyun-Soo’s favor?

Episode 8

Man-Woo is now given the Chief Of Staff position at the hospital. There are numerous sheets of paper, Hyun-Soo memorizes as Hee-Sung’s life. Moo-Jin and Hyun-Soo discuss searching for his sister. Ji-Won is also tracking him on the monitor. She tries to keep up this false show and smiling and telling him she’s happy. Ji-Won heads to a local bar with her fellow officers to call out a gang.

She sees there a boy trying to steal a purse. That boy by chance comes to know as In-Seo. Hyun-Soo and Hae-soo discuss their father’s achievements. Hae-Soo reveals that Ji-Won was the detective that came to see her. She asks whether Hyun-Soo loves Ji-Won. The answer comes out as “No, I never felt that way.” Unknown to him, Ji-Won happens to be listening to this entire conversation.

Hyun-Soo this time around is obvious that despite his psychological problem and conditions he wants to try and change and live better. His big reveal about not loving Ji-Won is a tough pill to swallow. She’s more determined than ever to crack this case and give the punishment. Kidnapping Moo-jin and the issues he’s had doesn’t let him off the hook. It does, however, show some compassion and sacrifice given he took the brunt of Hae-Soo’s problems.

flower of evil season 1

Episode 9 Flower Evil season 1

In Episode 9 Hee-Sung slowly wakes up and gets back to normal (or at least a very weakened normal). It seems like this can cause some serious drama later on after the plot proceeds. RightNow this is sidelined for the real drama of the episode. It comes from Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo’s conflicted states.

Hyun-Soo cares about his wife he doesn’t even show it. He struggles emotionally and it shows it. there are his moping scenes with Moo-Jin and Hae-soo that are definitely quite telling and it’s clear he wants to do right by her and stay with her.

Ji-Won absolutely in the scenes seems heartbroken though and the anguish and heart-ache she’s feeling are very well portrayed. She is obviously tearing up over the situation and feels trap. It turns more difficult by hearing Hyun-Soo admit he doesn’t love her. No matter how hard she tries to act ok she just can’t help herself.

In this episode, a new character is introduced Sang-Cheol. The evil CEO trope strikes again but it looks to be developed further on down the line.

Episode 10

In Episode 10 Ji-Won’s secret is out, the police have now figure out everything and Jae-Sub will inform everyone there about Hyun-Woo. Ji-Won’s career looks to come down the lane which can be seen clearly. She is accidentally been put in a really difficult position.

That’s not the only bombshell reveal though and it seems likely that Man-Woo may actually connect or know what’s proceeding with the confederate. The green wristband on both hands is just too much of a coincidence to think otherwise.

Episode 11 and 12

In episode 11 it starts from the roof where she admits the truth about Hee-Sung and Hyun-Soo having their identities switched. Jae-Sub is not convinced by what she told her. She drops to her knees and also she puts her own life on the life for her husband to prove her theory correct. There is no such theory the guy is having. After invading CEO Yeom’s house he plans to go after Hyun-Soo and arrest him.

At that point, she talks about Min-Seok’s accomplice and shows him a picture of the university bracelet. Watching all this from the door happens to be very nervous for Hee-Sung. After spending an evening together, in the morning Jae-Sub arrives to arrest Hyun-Soo. As he heads outside the house Ji-Won steps out too and holds his hand before the inescapable happens.

Episode 13

There is one great ending to the episode. The one thing which is finally confirmed is that Hee-Sung is in control. This appears like a maybe checkmate for Hyun-Soo and Ji-Won.

The way Hee-sun has manipulated his parents into doing his summons is really quite surprising. It’s also something that keeps this drama incredibly exciting and unpredictable.

Seeing Ji-Won duty-bound to arrest Hyun-Soo despite her love for him is really heart-wrenching. The more alarming thing is the obvious implication now that Hyun-Soo is the killer even though he obviously isn’t. The door is left wide open for where this one may go next and it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss!

Episode 14 of Flower Evil season 1

In this episode, Hae-soo sacrificing herself in place of Ji-Won which feels like a suitable end for her but it’s still a tough war to watch. Hee-Sung continues and reaches the success peak as he puts his plan in place.

The police investigation continues to heat up and Mi-Sook can be the last puzzle piece needs to solve this nightmare.

Episode 15

The entire climax of Heo-Soo trailing Hee-Sung into the woods to the clifftop scenes was completely mesmerizing. Moon Chae-Won and Lee Joon-Gi have done an incredible job with these two characters and they really do love each other unconditionally. The love story so beautiful and pure between two people who can move Heaven and Earth to be with one another and try to do everything. All their ups and downs, they’re loyal to one another.

Episode 16 of Flower Evil season 1

The two main lead fall in love again but this time without any lies or secrets.

The finale episode is an emotional rollercoaster. Hyun-Soo’s notebook to the true meaning of Morning Star all of this combines to produce a really pleasant ending.

The important final scene is of Hyun-Soo who is finally smiling by himself without copying anyone else’s expression compresses how far he’s come.

if you are someone who is into the thriller and murder and suspense genre with a mix of love angles then this is surely the drama that you are looking for. It has every element in it which is a place and explains beautifully. You won’t lose your interest while watching the drama as the plot is designed in such a way that leaves you to think about what happens next. Overall a great drama surely something you can spend time on and won’t regret.

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