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Floppy Unicorn Filter on Tiktok: What is it and how to use it?

Everyone must be knowing what Tiktok is all about. Nowadays, since the quarantine period, people have engaged themselves in making all fancy videos on Tiktok. It has amazing filters loved by people. Recently, the Floppy Unicorn filter has been on-trend. But some are still new to the application. Well, for them let me give you a brief idea. You must have come across the name Tiktok. It is a video-sharing social networking application owned by Chinese Company ByteDance. It was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android and later became available worldwide as on 2nd August 2018.

Using the application, one can make short videos on dance, comedy, education, and several other genres for fifteen seconds to three minutes. The user can also add his or her sound on top of the background music. They can also lip sync videos to popular songs. Throughout the last few years, many stars got their start on the application, like Loren Gray, Baby Ariel, Kristen Hancher, Lisa and Lena, and many more. Not all the filters make you look pretty. Some also make you look funny. Unicorn filter is one such filter that makes you look pretty funny. Newborn kids find it scary at times due to the background vocals. If you want to know more about the filter, go ahead.

Unicorn filter tiktok

Unicorn filter on Tiktok used by a user. It has cute purple ears and a purple mouth, also a shiny wig, and a long pointed horn in the center.

How to get the Floppy Unicorn Filter on Tiktok:

The filter has become very popular and is on-trend. Be it a teenager or a mother of kids, people all across the world are using this filter. And it’s quite funny. Some find it’s scary too, especially the kids, due to the background voice and sudden enlargement of your face into a unicorn head. Few find it cute and funny. The filter has got quite a good response from the users, and the application has a large number of users using this particular filter. If you don’t know how to get the filter on your Tiktok application, follow the steps below.

You need to open the Tiktok application on your phone. Clicking on the discover tab will lead you to search for the required thing. In the search box, type the unicorn head filter. A preview of several videos of users using the unicorn head filter will appear on your phone screen. You need to find someone with the unicorn head filter and click on it. A little label of the unicorn head above the person’s username will be visible to you. You need to click on that little label, and if you just click add to favorites at the very top, it will now be in your favorite filters. While making the videos, you can search them from your favorite filters easily.

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What is the Unicorn Filter on Tiktok:

It’s a pretty funny filter on the Tiktok application, used by a large number of people across the world. Tiktok is a go-to application for a huge mass of people. You must be knowing what a Unicorn is. It’s a mythical creature who has gained popularity in several stories too. The basic features of the filter are a unicorn with long purple ears, a shiny blue wig (hair), and a cute silver pointed horn in the middle. Both the cameras (front and back) can be used for the filter, but the front camera is more preferred.

Unicorn filter on Tiktok

The Floppy Unicorn Filter is used by many people on Tiktok. It has gained quite popularity among the teenage community.

There are lots of unicorn filtered videos in the application. The filter has been on trend and is loved by many. Though some people don’t find it interesting, the majority do. By now, you must know how to access this particular filter. Now you can make your own videos using the Floppy Unicorn Head filter on Tiktok. What are you waiting for? You must go and try out the filter now.

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