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Fitoor: Episode Schedule of the Famous Pakistani Drama

Fitoor Episode Schedule
(Source: 7th Sky Entertainment)

You must have heard plenty of K-Dramas, C-dramas, and Thai Dramas. Today we bring you a very famous and well-received Pakistani Drama. This series hasn’t just attracted Pakistani viewers,  but it has begun to gather much international attention as well. The name of the series is Fitoor which in Urdu means obsession or madness and today, we will see its Episode Schedule. Directed by Siraj Ul Haq and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the story of Fitoor was penned down by Zanzabeel Asim Shah. The show is under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, which has also produced series like Doraha, Ghar Title Ka Par, Googly Mohalla, Hiddat, etc. The show launched on January 14, 2021, on Geo TV.

It narrates the story of 4 people who share a past, and as a result, all their futures are connected. It is a love story that goes beyond everything, as a person in love lives solely in the present, forgetting all about their worries of past and future.  The show is tremendously popular on YouTube as well and has a great number of views.


Still From the Show (Source: YouTube)

Fitoor: Plot

Dilnasheen and Hamza are passionately in love with each other and have plans of marriage. But then, destiny comes into play and messes up all their plans. Then comes Haider, who lives an isolated life, sustained only by the memories of his ex-lover, Mehmal. But the moment he sees Dilnasheen at a wedding and is instantly captivated by her. Mehmal, who had left Haider to get married to someone else, comes back to Haider after her marriage fails. The four stand at crossroads, each facing the other, and the story begins. This story is one of ardent and earnest love and everything that comes with it. For instance, revelations and confessions, epiphanies, convictions, revenge, rebellion, antagonism, and ultimately, sorrow and heartbreak.


Still From the Show

The drama industry in Pakistan doesn’t just watch but also holds romantic sentiments to a certain standard. The show centers around the ideas of Urdu classic poetry. We see what the essence of true love is and what does “being in love” mean. Will true love conflict with fate? Will two people who have let go of their past loves and burdens be able to live a new life? And finally, can they forget their past?

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Fitoor: Episode Schedule

The latest episodes of the show go on air every Tuesday on Geo TV, at 8 PM PKT (3 PM GMT). Till now, about 38 episodes have been released. But here is a schedule of all the episodes released till now. Our prediction is that the next two episodes (39 and 40) will be in quick succession a week after July 28. All the episodes are duly released on YouTube, and you can watch them by clicking here. But below, you can find the dates for the most recent episodes and our predictions for the forthcoming ones.


Still From Episode 14

Recent Episodes and Future Episode Schedule:

Fitoor Episode 34 – July 15, 2021

Fitoor Episode 35 – July 21, 2021

Fitoor Episode 36 – July 22, 2021

Fitoor Episode 37 – July 28, 2021

Fitoor Episode 38 – July 29, 2021

Fitoor Episode 39 – August 4, 2021

Fitoor Episode 40 – August 5, 2021

Fitoor Episode 41 – August 11, 2021

Fitoor Episode 42 – August 12, 2021

Fitoor Episode 43 – August 18, 2021

Fitoor Episode 44 – August 19, 2021

Fitoor: Cast

Hamza Played By Wahaj Ali: 

Hamza is sentimental yet tumultuous in nature. As the story talks of madness or obsession, Hamza’s obsession is to get back Dilnasheen, who he thinks is his soulmate. He comes from a wealthy and affluent background as his father is a rich and powerful businessman. He and Dilnasheen want to get married, but his parents do not accept Dilnasheen as she comes from a more humble background. Miserable with his parent’s disagreement, he even attempts to kill himself but is saved by his father. They come to an agreement, and Hamza gets free rein to marry Dilnasheen, only to find her already married to Haider. As a result, he is heartbroken and goes abroad. At last, he returns after his father’s death. Subsequently, he begins to work towards his goal of getting her back.

Fitoor Episode Schedule

Wahaj Ali on Sets of Bharam (Source: MD Productions)

Haider Played By Faysal Qureshi:

A self-made businessman who worked hard to become wealthy, Haider also has an obsession. His obsession is to forget his past and to finally move on with his wife, Dilnasheen. When he was younger, he was rejected by Mehmal, whom he loved very much. The reason behind the rejection was that he was not rich enough. After that, he worked hard enough to become the CEO of his firm of architects. After years of staying isolated, he is instantly attracted to Dilnasheen, following which he decides to marry her.

Cast of Fitoor

Faisal with his son (Source: His Instagram)

Dilnasheen Played Hiba Bukhari:

A beautiful and simple girl, Dilnasheen is the typical Pakistani – and brown – girl. Her obsession is to make her arranged marriage work like it was expected from her. She marries Haider even though she loves Hamza because of her family’s pressure. Although she doesn’t love Haider at the time of their marriage, she becomes totally faithful to him. Her whole focus is on trying to make the marriage work. But thanks to Mehmal, the relationship she has with Haider deteriorates. In addition to that, she has not yet completely forgotten Hamza yet.

Cast of Fitoor

Hiba Bukhari via her Instagram

Mehmal Played By Kiran Haq:

Mehmal loves to live big and will do whatever under her power to continue living in affluence. She left Haider because he was poor but is now obsessed with getting him back. Although she married Ansab for money, she left him soon because of his abusive behavior. And now she wants to go back to Haider and thus creates problems for Dilnasheen. Other than these four main characters, there are many other supporting characters.

Fitoor Episode Schedule

(Source: Instagram)

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