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First Kill Ending Explained: What Happened To Theo?

First Kill Ending Explained
First Kill Ending Explained

‘First Kill,’ a Netflix original series, follows Juliette and Calliope’s high school romance, which seems innocent enough until it’s revealed that the former is a vampire and the latter is a vampire hunter. Juliette is a member of an ancient order of legacy vampires, while Calliope is a proud member of a monster-hunting family sponsored by a guild. The two’s budding romance threatens to destabilize the fragile peace between the two ancient orders, and a series of gruesome deaths sends the entire community into a panic. In sum, here’s the First Kill Ending Explained.

‘First Kill,’ based on a story by V.E. Schwab, balances a young romance with themes of ancient rivalry. The tumultuous season comes to a close on an intriguing note, with the fates of many vital players hanging in the balance. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘First Kill’ Season 1 finale and see what happens.

First Kill Ending Explained

The vampires arrive at school!

First Kill Season Recap

Juliette begins the series by introducing her “legacy” vampire family. Firstly, Juliette goes through confounding spells and stays quiet by swallowing blood capsules while still an uninitiated vampire. Juliette can’t kill another human. She doesn’t have it in her. However, her family’s insistence, and thus is unable to feed like a regular vampire.

Juliette is wholly enthralled when she first sees Calliope, the new girl at school. Her crush on Calliope quickly becomes a kiss between the two at a high school party. On the other hand, Calliope comes from a family of monster hunters and knows Juliette’s true identity. Juliette tries to bite Calliope during their kiss, and Calliope responds by stabbing Juliette with a stake.

Romance Ensues

Both families become concerned as a budding romance between the vampire and the monster hunter spreads. Juliette and Calliope fight to stay together, and they both get their first kills. Things get out of hand when the vampire side starts killing people, prompting the formation of the MAAMs, a local vigilante group. Even as their families try to keep their respective orders at bay to avoid an all-out war between vampires and hunters, the two protagonists are uncontrollably drawn to each other.

Meanwhile, a family feud reveals that Juliette’s father, Sebastian, is not a pure vampire but a human who has been turned into one. Sebastian and his matriarchal mother-in-law, Davina, have a fight in which the former kills the latter. The family keeps the murder a secret. But they are afraid that the vampire order will find out about Davina’s death. Davina’s powerful position as Keeper of the Emerald Malkia is secretly passed down to her daughter.

First Kill Trailer:

First Kill Ending Explained: What Happened To Theo?

Calliope’s brother Theo, a guild hunter, struggles with hazy memories of his biological mother being brutally murdered by a monster. To find the perpetrator, he accepts Juliette’s wily vampire sister, Elinor’s, assistance. Things don’t go as planned, and Theo is stabbed. His siblings Calliope and Apollo believe he is dead, but Theo survives, only to show signs of vampire transformation.

Theo’s father, Jack, tries to kill him, but he and his mother, Talia, manage to flee. As the first season comes to a close, Juliette and Calliope’s relationship is shattered when the latter learns that the former may have played a role in turning Theo into a vampire. The two-part ways realize that any future relationship between them will be fraught with chaos.

First Kill Ending Explained

Still from First Kill

Theo’s Transformation

Season 1’s final moments rely heavily on Theo’s unexpected fate and ramifications. His brother, Apollo, accidentally stabbed Theo during his meeting with Elinor. Juliette bites Theo to save his life by turning him into a vampire when she discovers him bleeding and begging for help. Theo’s family does not realize what has happened until much later when he begins to have a thirst for blood.

Theo’s transformation into a vampire puts Calliope’s hunter family in a dreadful situation. Juliette intervenes as Jack prepares to kill his son, and the family known for killing vampires is forced to live by their code. Before allowing Theo to feed on her arm, she explains how Theo, as a new vampire, is thirsty for blood. Juliette and Calliope have a major falling out after Juliette helps Theo with his vampiric habit.

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