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First Ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia Announced, Here’s All To Know

First ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia Announced
First ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia Announced

Crunchyroll has recently announced the first Crunchyroll Expo in Australia. Anime conventions are super popular and always come up as a great medium to gather all the otakus in one place. Crunchyroll, the leading anime streaming website, is very well known for its fan services and these conventions and expos are part of this. This year, the event is going to be extra special.

Since it has been a very tough time due to the pandemic and the company has canceled the one that was scheduled for 2020. Crunchyroll Expo of 2021 was a virtual one and made the fans equally excited. However, this recent announcement related to the same matter has broken out different kinds of joy among the fans.

Generally, these conventions include a lot of exciting stuff like cosplays, music, art functions, and especially new announcement-related anime. Similar stuff will be carried out in this too. Recently, after AnimeJapan 2022, people are already overwhelmed by all the new updates that they get. Upon this, if they get another anime convention soon while taking the craze to another level. The dates of the events are also out, but according to them, you have to wait sometime until we all can enjoy the anime convention together. Before getting overly excited, let’s get the details of this matter.

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About Crunchyroll Expo

As you all have guessed now, the Crunchyroll Expo is an annual three-time convention held by the leading anime streaming website Crunchyroll and ReedPop. The convention is generally held during August or September every year. The venue for the event was set as San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, California. It was inaugurated on 25th August 2017. The first-ever Crunchyroll Expo 2017 was held at the Santa Clara Convention center in Santa Clara, California. Initially, Leftfield media came up along with Crunchyroll to get the event done smoothly. The ticket portal for the event opened days before the event. At that time, over 16000 people attended the convention that response was quite well for the first time.

During the first time the MAGWest convention was held on the same weekend, they ended up partnering with each other. The organization had to take some strict steps at that time, as they didn’t allow videography and other stuff. Even the staff were identified on a badge system. However, since then, the connection has been held every year during the same time. But the chain was broken when Crunchyroll Expo 2020 got canceled due to COVID 19. However, this too didn’t prevent this from happening, a virtual Expo was announced on 4-6 September 2020. Similarly, the 2021 event was canceled but was replaced by a virtual convention.

First ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia 2022 announced

First-ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia 2022 announced

First-ever Crunchyroll Expo Australia Announced

It has been two consecutive years since the anime convention Crunchyroll Expo was canceled and replaced by an online one. But all this wait is worth it since Crunchyroll has finally announced an offline Expo. On 29th March 2022, Crunchyroll announced the Crunchyroll Expo 2022 that is going to be held offline but outside California. Yes, the venue has changed, and now it will be held in Melbourne, Australia, from 17 – 18th September 2022 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is the first time when the venue of the expo has been set out of California, and it will be the first Crunchyroll Expo will be organized in Australia.

Gita Rebbapragada, Chief Marketing Officer Crunchyroll said, “We are so excited to add up another Crunchyroll Expo to our event’s list and celebrate it with the fans at Melbourne”. She further added, “The response to anime in Australia is exploding, and we are so happy to create a space where current and future fans can come together”. “Our passionate local team is also very happy and designed the event for the fans of the region”. There will be special screenings, cosplay competition, art, live music, and official merchandise, along with the special appearances of original voice actors of your favorite animes.

Crunchyroll Expo 2022

Crunchyroll Expo 2022

The portal booking and purchasing for the tickets are now open. You can make your purchase from 5-7th August. However, the people who have purchased the ticked of Crunchyroll Expo 2020 can you that now. As for the other details updates, the fans are invited to follow the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the event.

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