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Where To Watch Finding Angel?

Finding Angel - Where To Stream The K-Drama?
Still From Finding Angel Official Trailer

A mystery of an anonymous donor covered by a reporter seeking an untold truth. That’s what Finding Angel is all about. Directed by Kim Sung Joon, Finding Angel is a lighthearted mystery drama. It stars Park Sung Il and Lee Young Ah in the lead role. Kim Sung Joon also carried out the screenwriting duties along with Lee Je Cheol, Moon Sung Je, and Shin Min Wook. Looking at the film, it is a good time family watch and full of positivity. The movie premiered at the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival in 2017. It recently released in theatres on the 6th of January 2021.

Finding Angel follows the story of Ji-Hoon played by Park Sung Il. She is a self-proclaimed report of town. Every December, an anonymous donor leaves a donation box in town. He has been doing this for the last seventeen years. Now, Cheon Ji takes responsibility for herself and tries to interview this anonymous donor and what are his purposes. So, let’s breakdown what we know more about Finding Angel and where we can stream the K-drama.

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Where To Stream Finding Angel?

As Finding Angel was released quite recently, the movie is still not available to stream officially on any of the streaming platforms. We are expecting the movie to arrive mostly on Rakuten Viki or it could be Netflix for the international viewers. If the movie makes it to Viki, it will be available to stream in selected countries including the United States Of America, Korea, Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan.

Summary Of Finding Angel

Finding Angel tells the story of Ji-Hoon. Every year, an anonymous donor donates something to his town ranging from blankets and soft. The anonymous donor has now been doing this for seventeen years. Although, the townspeople are happy not to know him, the fact doesn’t sit well with Ji-Hoon. He is quite determined to figure who this anonymous donor is.

Finding Angel - Where To Stream The K-Drama?

Still From Finding Angel Official Trailer

As a self-proclaimed reporter, Ji-Hoon begins his own investigation checking all the donations the donor has made in all these years. Many people believe the anonymous donor is someone who lives with immortality. He is doing it for the townspeople’s good deeds, Ji Hoon doesn’t believe it and questions the town about good deeds.

Upon investigating further, Ji-Hoon figures out that the donations have been different every year. As he delves deep into the investigation, the townspeople also struggle with their growing popularity because of this donor. On the other hand, Ji-Hoon struggles with maintaining his relationship with Cheon Ji, a girl residing in the neighborhood. Will Ji-Hoon unravel the truth behind this anonymous donor? What secrets does this donor have? What trouble will he land Ji-Hoon in? Or in the end, will it fall all upon Ji-Hoon? All remains to be seen in Finding Angel. You may also check out the trailer of Finding Angel below.

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The Cast Of Finding Angel

Finding Angel consists of intriguing names on their list of cast members. Starting off with Park Sung II who is known for movies like Lucky Monster (2019), The Seeds Of Violence (2017), and The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018). Here he is taking the lead in the role of Ji Hoon. Park Sung II is being joined by Lee Young Ah. She is known for movies like Love to the End (2018), Bread, Love and Dreams (2010), and the TV series Golden Bride (2007 – 2008). Here she is taking the other half of the lead in the role of Cheon Ji.

Finding Angel - Where To Stream The K-Drama?

Still From Finding Angel Official Trailer

The supporting cast of Finding Angel includes the likes of Jeon Moo Song as Pan Soo, Moon Sook as Ok Boon, Kim Hee Chang as Cheol Min, Kim Jung Young as Yakult, and Kwon Oh Jin as Jaem Man along with Kim Wook in the role of Je Gyoon. There are other cast members who also have a bit part in the film. They include Lee Yong Yi as Knee grandmother, Hong Boo Hyang as the Woman from Jeonju, Park Myung Shin as Female Buddhist Kim, Son Kang Gook as Community center director, and Lee Ga Kyung as Community center employee.

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