Finally Tickets of Detective Pikachu On Sale

The most beloved Pokémon of the series Pikachu is getting a new movie of his own. While the movie will be launched on 10 May 2019, the tickets can now be purchased. I’m sure Pokémon fans will have rushed to buy tickets as soon as they get the news.

Detective Pikachu has really got me excited, even though I’m not a Pokémon die-hard fan, but the plot seems too much Interesting, and thus I’m sure that I’ll be watching this movie as soon as it is out. Before discussing the plot with you, all let me give you some other details about the movie. The first one being the director of this movie, who is Rob Letterman. The story is provided by Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, and Nicole Perlman.

The main character that being Detective Pikachu’s voice will be given by Ryan Reynolds. Alongside him, some of the other cast members are Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Omar Chaparro, Suki Waterhouse, Ken Watanabe, Chris Geere, Bill Nighy and many more. Henry Jackman will be providing the music for the movie. Now, let me share the ever interesting plot of Detective Pikachu with you all:

Obviously, the story will be clearly focused on Pikachu but first, we’ll see one of the brightest detectives known as Harry Goodman getting disappeared. His son will team up with his Pokemon Pikachu in order to unravel the mystery of his missing father.

Detective Pikachu release date

This movie is set in a place wherein humans and Pokémons are seen living peacefully with one another, after searching for the reason for Harry Goodman’s disappearance they get to know that the situation could threaten the peace between human beings and Pokémons.

Well, Pikachu certainly has some skills for being a high-class detective in this movie and also that Pikachu and Harry Goodman’s son can communicate with one another in their own unique way. The movie is filled with other Pokémon characters that we all are certainly well familiar with. The movie is going to be pretty awesome in my opinion.

Detective Pikachu Release Date

The plot is intriguing, to say the least and I’m certain that non-Pokémon fans who have no clue what Pokémon universe is will also fall in love with this adorable movie and adorable character of Detective Pikachu. As mentioned above, the movie will release on 10 May 2019 in the USA, but it will be released earlier in Japan on 03 May 2019. So, hurry get your Detective Pikachu tickets now.

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