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FIFA 22 Squad Battles: Release Date, Time & Rewards

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards Release Date and Time

What are the FIFA 22 Squad Battles rewards, released date, and time? One of the most popular sports games in the world is the FIFA franchise. The FIFA 22 is the latest addition to the soccer video game franchise. Electronic Arts released this game on October 1, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and also for Microsoft Windows. Like past installments, FIFA 22 also became an enormous hit among gamers. The sales of the new FIFA game are just increasing each day and are expected to be more successful than the predecessor, FIFA 21.

Undoubtedly, FIFA 21 is an improvement to FIFA 21. It has upgraded a lot of old features and also included some new ones. Firstly, the game upgraded many players’ faces along with their stats and team info. Also, for the offline mode, the game has a new VOLTA Story Mode. The game also includes features like creating your own player or managing a club. In this game, you can’t only just manage clubs already there in the game but also create your own club and take it from rags to riches. Apart from the offline mode, the FIFA series is always praised for the multiplayer mode, the Ultimate Team or FUT. However, the FUT also has many modes, which include the Squad Battles. Also, winning the battles get you some amazing prizes. Therefore, we will look into the FIFA 22 Squad Battle rewards, release date, and time.

What Are The Squad Battles?

Squad Battles are the only single-player mode available in the FIFA Ultimate Team. The FIFA 18 Ultimate Team first introduced this game mode. In this mode, players get 40 matches to play each week. Further, they face new teams every time. However, the teams a player faces in the Squad battles are in-game teams that are used by other FIFA players in the online mode. Instead of real players, the AI controls the teams. But the players get different kinds of teams, from a low-tier squad with low-level players with low chemistry to squads full of world-class players with high chemistry. The FIFA Squad Battle mode also features two special squads, one is a squad of a famous personality, and the other one is the Team of The Week or TOTW.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Release Date

FIFA 22 Squad Battles

The Squad battle mode allows players to come up with different strategies and formations because each roster comes with different squads. However, the players can also select the difficulty level. There are seven levels: Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, World Class, Legendary, and Ultimate. Further, the though the level is, the more points a player can get. However, the players also receive points for losing, but they are not much, and losing at any difficulty level will get the players 1400 points at least.

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What Are The FIFA Squad Battles Rewards?

The Squad Battle is famous for playing against real players’ in-game teams, which are controlled by AI. However, there is another interesting fact about this mode that it comes with many interesting rewards. But the reward system is divided into many ranks. The rarity of the reward will depend on the rank a player is on. Therefore, the players need to collect as many points as they can and increase their ranks.

The Squad Battles’ reward system hasn’t been much upgraded. Further, the points required to increase a player’s rank changes every day. The point requirements depend on the population playing the Squad Battles. The requirements are lower when there are fewer players. Now let’s take a look at the rewards each rank has in the FIFA 22 Squad Battles.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards

  • Bronze 3: One Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
  • Bronze 2: One Gold Pack
  • Bronze 1: Two Gold Packs, 500 Coins
  • Silver 3: One Premium Gold Pack, One Gold Pack, 1000 Coins
  • Silver 2: Two Premium Gold Packs, One Gold Pack, 2000 Coins
  • Silver 1: Two Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 4000 Coins
  • Gold 3: One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, One Prime Mixed Players Pack, 5000 Coins
  • Gold 2: One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, One Prime Mixed Players Pack, 6000 Coins
  • Gold 1: One Prime Mixed Players Pack, One Prime Electrum Players Pack, One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 8000 Coins
  • Elite 3: Two Rare Electrum Players Packs, One Prime Mixed Players Pack, 8000 Coins
  • Elite 2: Two Rare Electrum Players Packs, One Premium Gold Players Pack, 14000 Coins
  • Elite 1: Two Rare Players Pack, 26000 Coins
  • Rank 101-200: One Rare Players Pack, Two Mega Packs, 65000 Coins
  • Rank 41-100: One Jumbo Rare Players Pack, Two Mega Packs, 65000 Coins
  • Rank 21-40: One Jumbo Rare Players Pack, Two Rare Players Pack, 75000 Coins
  • Rank 2-20: One Ultimate Pack, Two Rare Players Packs, 87500 Coins
  • Rank 1: Two Ultimate Packs, Two Rare Mega Packs, 100000 Coins

What Is The Release Date and Time For The Rewards?

FIFA 22 releases the reward each week on Sunday at 07:05 AM UTC. Therefore, players need to complete the 40 matches and reach a good rack prior to Sunday. However, the release time of the reward might differ for each country, depending on their respective time zones, but we will let you know about the release time for some popular time zones.

  • North America: 03:05 AM GDT, 02:05 AM CDT
  • United Kingdom: 08:05 AM BST
  • Europe: 09:05 AM CEST, 10:05 AM EEST
  • Asia: 04:05 PM JST, 12:35 PM IST

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