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Ferran Torres Girlfriend: Is the Spanish Star Dating or Single?

ferran torres girlfriend: Is the Spanish Star dating or single?

In this article, we dig into, Who is the girlfriend of Ferran Torres. Is the Spanish Star dating or single? Who’s the lucky girl grabbing the attention of the Spaniard footballer that plays for Premier League club Manchester City. Just as the Euro 2020 fits of rage on and the “Furia Roja” gets it on in their bouts for Group E. People wonder who the cutie is —or isn’t— present in the life of this 21-year-old Valencian forward. Tabloids are all over it, and the sports press isn’t falling behind either.

In September 2020, Unai Núñez grabbed the attention of the press when he started dating Ferran Torres’ ex-girlfriend. And what a babe! She is model Cintya Roldán, a former Miss Seville in 2014 and a Miss Universe pageant candidate in 2016. The relationship between Cintya and Ferrán went south when the former Valencia FC forward left Spain to play in Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. But this is an old piece of news. Keep reading to learn more about Ferran’s current love life here at Otakukart.

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Who is Ferran Torres Girlfriend? Is the Spanish Star Single or Dating

Who is Ferran Torres?

Ferran Torres García (b. February 2000) is a Spanish footballer who plays striker in England’s Premier League for Manchester City and the Spanish National Football team. Firstly, let’s comment about his hometown of Foyos, in Valencia, Spain. In that region, he, when only six years old, began playing for the Youth Team of Valencia C.F. Because of his cunning skills with the ball, he made it to Valencia C.F.’s first team when he was playing the Under-17 World Cup. Consequently catapulting him into the most competitive tournaments of the world: The Spanish Primera División.

After debuting at Spanish Primera División at seventeen years old, he then sets foot at UEFA Champions League at eighteen. During his tenure with Valencia, he played a total of forty-four matches, scoring eight goals. And when Valencia C.F.’s board decided not to renew his contract, he was sent to Manchester City under the leadership of Spanish coach Josep “Pep” Guardiola. This successful man cut his teeth in FC Barcelona as a player, then as a coach, and brought that team to the top of their game in its time.

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Who is Ferran Torres Girlfriend?

After going briefly through the biography of this Spanish forward, our readers might wonder who Ferran Torres’s girlfriend is —that’s after all the leitmotiv of this post—but we are sad to inform you that Ferran Torres’s girlfriend doesn’t exist because he’s not seeing anyone. And that’s right, ladies, if you’re a model and happen to orbit the same circles where this handsome player roams, he could be yours. The Spanish striker is a disciplined athlete currently focusing on developing his career.

The Ferran Torres, the ladies crave, can learn from him reading on. Ferran is a man that’s very close to his family, constantly posting photos of his family —particularly his sister— on the social media app Instagram. On that point, Ferran’s IG handle is @ferrantorres7. On another note, who can blame Ferran for going his own way? He’s a young, successful striker that has the honor to represent his country at the Continental football tournament, where his predecessors won on three different occasions. Also, his coach at Manchester City, Guardiola, was a seasoned player from whom he’s constantly learning. He’s a man with a promising future indeed.

Ferran Torres performance at Manchester City

The Spanish striker from Foyos had an excellent 2020/2021 season in Manchester City. After all, Guardiola’s boys held the Premier League and the Carabao Cup and made it to the Champions League Finals. Despite not being Pep Guardiola’s first pick to put in the offense schematics of his game, Ferran played 36 matches. And he scored thirteen goals. Not bad. Considering Guardiola’s epidemic of injuries that saw Gabriel Jesus and Agüero sent to the hurt locker.

Ferran Torres Market Value, Net Worth, and Latest Goal.

Torres’ meteoric rise has him on the top of his game at the moment —and he can only get better— after debuting for La Roja back in September 2020 with six goals in eleven matches. And that doesn’t count for the goal he scored against Slovakia in Euro 2020. This player makes around £127 an hour. And this puts his salary net worth at 1.2 million euros a year. Also, for a player of his caliber, any club wishing to snatch him from Guardiola’s City would need to think about forty million Euros just for the board to consider letting him go.

In conclusion, Ferran Torres does not have a girlfriend. And he is a very prolific Spanish footballer who happens to be working his butt off to stand out among the rest of the other talented men at the world’s most competitive sports arenas. His stints at Valencia from a very young age, coupled with his skills that honed like a sword, put him at the top of one of Europe’s most challenging tournaments under the direction of Pep Guardiola. Good for Ferran. Hopefully, he’ll fall for a nice girl as he betters and betters himself!

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