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What To Expect From Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1?

Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena: Pirate Princess is an original Japanese anime series created by Kazuto Nakazawa, and Production I.G. Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1 will make its debut soon and air online on Sunday. The anime is the work co-production between  Adult Swim and Crunchyroll. The anime is premiering this month (August 2021); it will be available on the official platform above but will be broadcast in Japan in October 2021. Fena: Pirate Princess is know as Kaizoku Oujo. Fena: Pirate Princess was announced in July 2020 during the Adult Swim Con online event.

Kazuto Nakazawa directs the anime, and Asako Kuboyama wrote the series’ scripts. Yuki Kajiura is responsible for composing the music. Fena: Pirate Princess will air on Adult Swim’s Toonami and Crunchyroll for streaming with English subtitled on 15 August 2021. The first two episodes will have a back-to-back premiere. This anime will offer twelve episodes and conclude this season until it announces another season; Crunchyroll has published the plot of the series.

The anime includes Fena Houtman, Yukimaru, Shitan, Karin, Enju, Kaede, Tsubaki, Makaba, Salman, and Otto.Crunchyroll published the synopsis of the series. It is announced that the Fena: Pirate Princess will air the first two episodes on the same day on Sunday, 15 August. Fena: Pirate Princess reveals the tale of an orphan girl, Fena Houtman; Fena lives in a fantastic alternate ancient version of the 18th century. The title of the first two episodes: “Memories” and  “An Inherited Journey.” Let’s find more about Fena: Pirate Princess below.

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Fena: Pirate Princess Summary

The young girl grew up on an island where there is no way of leaving the dark destiny brought by the captors on her life. The captors used the people around the island and got abandoned by the soldiers of the British Empire. Fena is a powerless Orphan, and one day, her mysterious past haunts her when she breaks the chains of her oppressors. She plans to  escape her captors, create a new identity, and look for a place where she can belong while discovering the mystery behind the keyword: “Eden.”


Later she forms an ally, and they travel as a pirate group where they set on a journey to explore different adventures. During the trip, Fena earned the title Pirate Princess. Yukimaru Sanad is head of the ”Seven Samurai” who join Fena, and they become allies. Sanad is an introverted, ”Katana-wielding Bodyguard” of the Houtman family. He is overprotective towards Fena, and he is well known for slashing two warriors with a single slash. Sanad proved his Samurai skills and became valuable to Fena as he travels when he pulverizes the enemies.

Shitan became one of the ”Seven Samurai”  under Snada’s management and joined Fena on her quest. Shitan is an elite warrior who kills using his bow and arrow or by looking at an enemy. He values the lives of his friends; Karin is a member of the Seven Samurai who allies Fena on her quest. She is the only female in the Seven Samurai. Karin grew under the care of the Blacksmiths Family. Tsubaki is a member of the Seven Samurai who allies with  Fena on her quest. He is matured and entertains everyone’s wild energy. Tsubaki uses a short ninja sword during the battle. Look at the following.

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1 Release Date

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1 release date is 15 August 2021, Sunday at 1:00 PM. This new anime episode will air every Sunday, but the episode will air on Saturdays in other countries. Fena: Pirate Princess will run the first season with twelve episodes. Let’s take a look at the official Fena: Pirate Princess Crunchyroll preview below.

Where To Watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1?

You can watch Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1 online on Crunchyroll, VRV, and other official platforms. Fena: Pirate Princess is available on its Twitter account, website, and other sites. The latest episodes of Fena: Pirate Princess are available on Crunchyroll as soon as the anime releases. You can get the Fena: Pirate Princess episodes with English subtitles. Let’s meet again after Fena: Pirate Princess releases the latest episode.

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