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Female Kpop Idols Who Were Born In March!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

As we head into March, here is a list of female Kpop idols that were born this month. If you are a Kpop fan, then you must know how big of a deal Kpop idol’s birthdays are. Fans go above and beyond the limits to make sure that their idols know how amazing and special they feel. From naming literal stars in space in honor of their idols to literally sending heaps of cash, Kpop fans know how to celebrate their idol’s birthday in style. Furthermore, some idols have a particular color as their representative. And when their birthday approaches, the streets of Seoul shine in the color of the birthday idol.

However, with the Korean wave becoming global, it is not just the streets of Seoul that are decorated with billboards and vans celebrating the birthdays of Kpop idols. Fans in the UK, USA, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia also do not shy away from going big on their idol’s birthdays. The month of March is truly special with how many talented female idols were born. From the dancing queen, Lisa, to the goddess of visuals, Irene. Let us find out who are the other female Kpop idols were born this month.

Here are the Female Kpop Idols Who Were Born In March!

1. Dayeon from Kep1er

This talented Kpop idol was born on 2 March 2003. At just the age of eighteen, Dayeon is one of the most talented idols in all of Kpop. She has participated in two very popular survival shows, Produce 48 and Girls Planet 999, the former led to her debut as a member of Kep1er. Furthermore, Dayeon was born in Seoul of South Korea. Besides Korean, she is fluent in Japanese and English. This talented powerhouse will be turning nineteen this year, and fans cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

Female Kpop Idols March

Dayeon cr: WAKEONE/ Jellyfish Entertainment

2. Chorong from Apink

The beautiful leader of the mega-popular Kpop girl group, Apink, was also born in March. Additionally, Park Chorong was born in the North Chungcheong Province on 3 March. Before debuting as a member of Apink under Cube Entertainment, Park Chorong auditioned and even made it to the finale of the JYP Entertainment auditions in 2009. Apart from being an all-rounder Kpop idol, Chorong is also extremely skilled in martial arts as her father owned a martial arts academy. Not to mention she is an amazing actress starring in kdramas like Romance Special Law. Park Chorong was last seen as a host in the 2021 variety show, Style Me. Fans hope to see more of Chorong and her incredible talent in 2022.


Chorong cr: IST Entertainment

3. Yeri from Red Velvet

Another amazing addition to the list of talented female Kpop idols born in March is the talented singer and actress Kim Yeri. Furthermore, Kim Yeri, more popularly known by her stage name Yeri was born on 5 March 1999. Yeri joined SM Entertainment in 2011 but debuted as a member of Red Velvet in 2015. In 2021, Kim Yeri made headlines when she debuted as the female lead of the mystery drama Blue Birthday. Yeri proved that she was not only an amazing singer but a top-notch actress as well. Do not forget to wish Yeri on 5th of March!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Yeri cr: SM Entertainment

4. Bora from Cherry Bullet

Kim Bora from the talented Kpop Girl Group Cherry Bullet was also born in the month of March. She is also popularly known for participating in the MNet survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’. Bora was born on 3 March 1999 in the Gwangju region of South Korea. Bora is known to have one of the best reactions in all of Kpop. BTS fans will also be able to recognize Bora as she appeared in the Love Yourself Highlight Reel. Fans cannot wait to see more of Bora’s work this year.


Bora cr: FNC W

5. Yuju from Cherry Bullet

Another member of Cherry Bullet that was born in March is Choi Yu Ju. Furthermore, Choi Yu Ju was born on 5 March 1997. Choi Yu Ju was born in Goyang, South Korea. The singer joined FNC Entertainment in the August of 2017. Choi Yu Ju debuted as a member of Cherry Bullett in January of 2019 with their bopping album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Yuju’s birthday!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Yuju cr: FNC W

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6. Dami from Dreamcatcher

The singer Dami from the popular Kpop girl group, Dreamcatcher, was born on 7 March 1997. She was born in the metropolitan city of Seoul. After training for one and a half years, Dami went on to debut in MINX, which later on was renamed Dreamcatcher with the addition of two new members. Dami is the main rapper, lead dancer, and also sub-vocalist of the group that does the horror concept like no other Dreamcatcher. She is also one of the many K-pop idols born in the year 1997. Check out all the Kpop idols who were born in the year 1997 here.

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Dami cr: Dreamcatcher Company

7. Taeyeon From Girls’ Generation

The vocalist queen Taeyeon is one of the most legendary female Kpop idols born in March. Kim Tae Yeon was born on 9 March in the year 1989 in Jeonju, South Korea. Taeyeon’s parents, too, were great vocalists, her dad being a band’s vocalist and her mom winning singing competitions as a child. Taeyeon had worked hard to get into SNSD, aka Girls’ Generation traveling from Seoul to her home on a daily basis. With her endless talents, Taeyeon won the first position in SM Youth Best Competition and became a trainee under the company in the year 2004. She ended up debuting in one of the most iconic girl groups, Girls’ Generation, and later on, became the leader of the group.


Taeyeon cr: SM Entertainment

However, she proved that the sky is the limit for her, as her successful career did not stop there. She has made her own name in the industry with her bright solo career. So, gear up for Taeyeon’s birthday this year and give her lots of love!

8. Soojin

Seo Su Jin, aka Soojin, was born on 9 March in the year 1998 in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. When she was a kid, she was determined to become a singer and had already specialized in jazz music and taekwondo. She said that it took her two whole years to pursue her father in supporting her idol dreams. Soojin, at first, was going to debut as a member of Vividiva but left the group just before their debut in 2015. After the following three years, she debuted as the main dancer of Cube Entertainment’s girl group (G)I-DLE.

However, fans were left heartbroken when she had to leave the girl group due to false bullying accusations but is still under the same company. We will be waiting to get updates from the female Kpop idol as well as a solo debut and hope that she receives lots of love on her birthday this year!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Soojin cr: Cube Entertainment

9. Somi

Ennik Somi Douma, also known as Somi, was born on 9 March in the year 2001 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This 20-year-old female kpop idol has been making heads turn for her talents ever since she was just a fourteen-year-old teenager. Taking Rihanna as her first inspiration, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment with the song Lonely by 2NE1. She first gained attention as a shining contestant in the survival program Sixteen. She had been eliminated in the final round and could not debut along with the other members of TWICE. However, she got to debut as a member of IOI, which was a phenomenal girl group.

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Somi cr: Black Labels

Even though after IOI’s disbandment, many thought that she might debut as a member of ITZY, Somi suddenly left JYP Entertainment and made a solo debut under The Black Labels. Ever since then, Somi has gifted us with songs like Dumb Dumb and What You Waiting For. The world is also amazed by how half of the Kpop industry is friends with the female Kpop idol. Don’t forget to send the best of the best wishes on her birthday!

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10. Hikaru From Kep1er

Ezaki Hikaru was born on 12 March in the year 2004 in Fukuoka, Japan. Hikaru had first decided to become a Kpop idol due to the former 2NE1 member CL. In 2016, she had debuted as a member of +GANG as a part of the Avex Artist Academy Kids duo group. After their disbandment, Hikaru appeared as one of the contestants of the Survival Program Girls Planet 999. Hikaru had garnered a lot of attention for her firey raps and powerful dance moves in the show, which is why she was able to rank 7 in the overall show she was able to debut as a member of Kep1er. Kep1er has been the craze of 2022, and if you still don’t stan them, then what are you waiting for!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Hikaru cr: Swing Entertainment

11. Sumin From STAYC

Bae Su Min was born on 13 March in the year 2001 in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. Training for five years and six months after joining High Up Entertainment in the year 2018, Sumin debuted as the leader of Star To A Young Culture, aka STAYC. Unsurprisingly, Sumin has been gaining attention for her gorgeous visuals and vocals in STAYC’s songs. Fun fact: she also used to train with the members of the kpop girl group Weekly. Moreover, the STAYC girls are going down in history as one of the greatest fourth-generation girl groups because of the spectacular songs! Mark your calendars to wish STAYC’s eldest unnie on her birthday!


Sumin cr: High Up Entertainment

12. Sakura

Sakura Miyawaki was born on 19 March in the year 1998 in Kagoshima City, Japan. Sakura had first started her career as a first-generation member of the Japanese girl group HKT48. Later on, Sakura continued to achieve more by participating in the survival program Produce 48. Ranking in 2nd place, Sakura debuted in one of the best girl groups, IZ*ONE. Along with the other members of IZ*ONE, she broke multiple records. After the group’s disbandment, Sakura even left HKT48. Her contract with the company had even expired last year. Many have started speculations that Sakura has signed a contract with HYBE Labels to debut in their upcoming girl group.

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Sakura Miyawaki

13. Lisa From Blackpink

Lalisa Manoban, aka Lisa, was born on 27 March in the year 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been practicing dance ever since she was a little kid. Lisa was even a part of a dance group, We Za Cool, along with GOT7’s Bambam. In 2010 at the age of thirteen, Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment and was the only individual to be selected among the 4000 participating contestants. During her trainee years, she missed her parents a lot, and the language barrier did not improve things for her. However, with Jennie and the other member’s support, Lisa went on to debut in BLACKPINK, one of the legendary groups in the world.


Lisa cr: YG entertainment

After five years of BLACKPINK’s debut, Lisa followed fellow members Jennie and Rosé and debuted as a solo artist with the single album Lalisa and Money. No one can disagree that her song Money had literally taken over the year 2021. Apart from her great success, Lisa is also one of the most adored women alongside Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and more.

14. Mina From TWICE

Here comes TWICE’s cute little penguin, who was born on 24 March in the year 1997. She was born in San Antonio, Texas but grew up in Kobe, Japan. Fun fact: she has been practicing ballet ever since she was young. While shopping with her mother, Mina had been recruited by a JYP Entertainment agent, after which Mina decided to move to South Korea and become a trainee under the company. She, later on, participated in the survival program Sixteen and debuted in TWICE, the next nation’s girl group. She has been applauded all over the world for her dance skills. Talents aside, it is not every day when you are applauded for fixing relations between two whole countries!

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Mina cr: JYP Entertainment

15. Irene From Red Velvet

Bae Joo Hyun, aka Irene, was born on 29 March in the year 1991 in Daegu, South Korea. Joining SM Entertainment in the year 2009, Irene trained for five years and debuted in the awesome girl group Red Velvet. Irene is known for her unbeatable visuals that can smite anyone with her looks.

Female Kpop Idols Born In March

Irene cr: SM Entertainment

Aside from her success as a member of Red Velvet, Irene also debuted in a sub-unit along with fellow member Seulgi. If you do not wish her on her birthday, what have you done in your whole life?

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