13 Female Anime Villains That Could Make Excellent Heroes

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes

A lot of times Great anime heroes are just a single step away from being an Anti Hero that is a Villain. Most of the time in an anime the future predictions of a character are based on how was their past. If a character had a traumatic childhood, it often becomes a villain in the future. How a past tragedy can affect the future of a character is the thread between being a Villain or a Hero.

Contrary to that, Some of the characters use their traumatic childhood and the pain they suffered to become a better person. But Many of them, eventually become Villain. In Most anime series, many Villain characters were just added to demonstrate how powerful the hero of the show is. But some of these Villains could be great heroes if put in that role. They May have better character development.

1. Akame Suzaku- Great Pretender

Akame Suzaku should really have exchanged the inside information so that she can get freedom

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes
Akame Suzaku- Great Pretender

A woman with long black hair which is styled traditionally is the CEO of a trading company. Her sharpness in business skills made her the CEO. She came first in the show when Ishigami was first introduced to her new job. But further, it was revealed that Ishigami is also involved in a child trafficking ring.

Suzaku is shown as a very sympathetic and mother-like figure to Edamura. This is the reason why fans expected a very positive conclusion from her in the arc, but it didn’t happen. What love she had shown for Edamura in the show was a very positive point. She could have easily exchanged the inside information about child trafficking and drug lords with the respective authorities. This would have resulted in cleaning up the city which was filled with bad guys. But nothing happened. She was left in a negative light.

2. Krul Tepes- Seraph Of The End

She basically has one desire which is to meet her long lost brother

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes
Krul Tepes- Seraph Of The End

Krul Tepes is Japan’s former vampire queen and a third progenitor in the vampire family. She turned two main characters of the show into vampires. Krul Never enjoyed torturing or killing any human being unlike her peers, especially- Feird and other of her friends. She basically has a long-driven fantasy and a very different plan which was to meet her long-lost brother. The manga series explores this different plan.

In the series, it showed how humans have now known to bring demons, angles, and vampires in their control, the villain side would have made much more sense if she switched the sides and fought with the vampires instead of humans finding her brother.

3. Minatsuki- Deadman Wonderland

A simple and a saddened girl who had a split personality and Helped Ganta

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes
Minatsuki- Deadman Wonderland

After Minatsuki’s brother, Yo became her emotional support, she was calmed down. She was very grateful and experienced a great deal of kindness from Ganta. She Announced whatever she will do for her is just a paying back of the good deeds Ganta did to her. But then she walked away, but helping Ganta to fight the undertaker would have made much more sense. Though she helped Ganta to locate Undertaker’s den.

It would have made great sense if she followed and helped Ganta further to get rid of the bad guys in the den. She could have used her exceptional powers to fight against the Undertakers. And therefore bringing Scar Chin rebels closer to a step to expose the atrocities which occurred in the Wonderland prison at the Deadman. But all of this wasn’t able to happen as she walked away from all of this which made her the villain of the show.

4. Lemrina Vers Envers- Aldnoah. Zero

Envers has great political sharpness which could have been used for Earth-Mars Peace

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes
Lemrina Vers Envers- Aldnoah. Zero

Lemrina Vers is the Princess of The empire of Vers and is the daughter of Gilzeria. Empress Asseylum Vers Allusia is her half-sister. She is very familiar with how the politics in the empire works and is very sharp, politically. But her manipulative and sharp behavior was just used to portray the character in a very negative light. She could really have been made the Saving part for the show’s second season.

Envers already knew that her sister didn’t have any kind of interest in pursuing political ambitions. And therefore she could have used that to make a pact with her half-sister. One could be in which Her half-sister Princess Asseylum should drop down all her legal powers and give it to Lemrina in exchange for bringing a sense of silence and peace between the Martians and the Earthlings.

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5. Nanami- Katanagatari

The self-sacrifice she made basically made her the Good Guy

Female Anime Villains Who Would Make Excellent Heroes
Nanami- Katanagatari

Nanami is the daughter of Migiri Yasuri and Mutsue Yasuri and Shichika Yasuri’s elder sister. She is basically the seventh opponent. Nanami was never given a single chance to become a better human, unlike Shichika. As already told, the experience defines the future of a character. The only reason she has issues with her personality was because of her father who tried to kill her once.

Despite all these reasons, she was shown as a Villain, who has to be killed and fought by Shichika. Many of the anime fans of this series thought that this was done to create a shock value and also to portray her as a heroine who’s misunderstood. She wasn’t shown going on a more logical path and becoming more of a human.

6. Madam Red- Black Butler

Madam Red, A woman who just wanted to become a mother

Madam Red- Black Butler
Madam Red- Black Butler

Red is a widow of Baron Burnett. As we saw in the show, at starting she was very shy and withdrawn with her red hair. She was very insecure about it. But as the show continues, she became fearless and even a little vulgar. She is a family person and loves her sister. Madam Red is very methodical and intelligent. But the show takes a very weird turn when she started killing prostitutes who did abortions. This did not make sense to the show fans.

Her intelligence, the influence she had in Victorian society and her power could have been used in some useful actions like to save the city from problematic events instead of killing prostitutes. She is one of the most complex female characters, but her character was not put to good use. She would have been a great Hero.

7. Jeanne D’Arc: Rage Of Bahamut

Jeanne is basically a Noble Warrior who chose the wrong decisions due to her poor creative decisions

Jeanne D'Arc: Rage Of Bahamut
Jeanne D’Arc: Rage Of Bahamut

She is a very simple girl who went to serve God as a vessel when she got a call from Michael. Blonde and a fairly tall woman with fair skin and great magenta eyes, she is mostly seen in plate armor. Jeanne is a noble warrior, but her actions that are shown in the series to manipulating a demon came as a shock to many of the fans as series. It completely came out of nowhere, for a noble warrior like Jeanne, no one expects a character like that to have such characteristics.

Although the problem with the story worsened when there was no effect in the final plot in any shape. Imagine if she was a Hero! Then she would have been the bravest of the king’s army, unlike others. She would have fought to contain the Bahamut dragon alongside all the angles.

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8. Yuno Gasai- Future Diary

Yuno Gasai’s actions in the last arc have Never happened

Yuno Gasai- Future Diary
Yuno Gasai- Future Diary

She is the main female lead of Future Diary. She is also the owner of ‘Yukiteru Diary/ Diary of future love’. If we talk about her love interest she is in love with Yukiteru Amano, who is the male lead in the show. With her cute pink eyes and long pink hair, she looks very pretty. If we talk about her personality, she is feminine, sweet but she is sometimes very shy when she is around Yukiteru. But we cannot forget her dark side which is- Calculating, cold and ruthless.

She’s seen taking advantage of other people just to meet her needs. Yuno Gasai is exceptionally a rare character in the show. To become a good character, she could just have used her great knowledge from different timelines so that she can save Yuki, without any of the deaths she was basically responsible for.

But her abusive past made her a cruel character now, her mentally unhinged actions and her sadistic nature. Now her only aim in the show is the obsession she has with Yuki, which became the only defining point in anime.

9. Rachel- Tower Of God

Bam and Rachel could have been each other’s support in Tower Of God till the end

Rachel- Tower Of God
Rachel- Tower Of God

Bam only had one true friend, Rachel. She was the only one who visited him in his cave.

The anime Tower Of God was never able to explain why Rachel betrays Bam. Fans find it a bit confusing because they already knew that Bam basically worshipped Rachel and he could do anything for Rachel, whenever asked. And therefore Rachel could have shared her true intentions with Bam and she could have helped Bam and her both to reach the top of the tower together. They could really have helped each other out throughout the journey and could have together climbed up the tower. This could make Rachel into a positive light.

10. Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lust’s character should have made more faithful to the 2003 series

Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lust usually serves as an object for lust for others. You can see her always partnering with Gluttony because she had almost a motherly relationship with her. The redemption of Lust could be outdone if 2009’s anime series would have followed the plotline same as of 2003. In the 2003 plot, she just wanted nothing but to become a great human.

To fulfill her purpose, she helps Elric’s brothers and she also opened and rebelled against Dante. But then she was then caught and then killed by Wrath. Everyone’s still wondering what happened to her after she was dead.

11. Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade- Kizumonogatari

Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade
Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade

In the anime, everyone knew that Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade is the main villain of the story. Though she was made the main protagonist of the story, she would have worked great as a Hero in some other anime series. When she has her full power, she is totally different. The power she had could have been used in the wellness of the citizens, but instead, her loneliness made her enslave humans.

12. Shiro- Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland

Does everyone wonder why this protagonist is totally harmless? That’s because she has given the wrong role, she is really harmless. Though she was involved in murders and some massacres, that was her totally different personality. Her traumatic childhood has made her totally a different person. She would have been really looked great as a Hero. She is loving and a very calm girl.

13. Ruri Hijiribe- Durarara

Ruri Hijiribe- Durarara
Ruri Hijiribe- Durarara

Ruri Hijiribe from the anime series Durarara is basically a serial killer. If we talk about her personality she is two in one. She is an idol character too but a serial killer too. The part where she played serial killer was not that perfect according to her personality, she should totally have been an idol. With her adorable face, she could have totally slain as a hero.

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