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What is Felix Verdejo’s Net Worth? The Boxing Star’s Career & Earnings

Felix Verdejo Net Worth
Felix Verdejo Net Worth

We all know the notable boxer who is from the Puerto Rican territory named Felix Verdejo. His main part of the competition is based on lightweights. Apart from that, he also represented his country that Puerto Rico, in the Olympics of 2012, which he did as an amateur. Apart from that, he also won the prestigious award that is the Premios Juventud, under the category of New Hispanic Promise. He was honored with the award in 2013. Not only that, but he was also nominated for the popular award of the Prospect of the Year which is by the boxing scene and as well as by the Top Rank.

Apart from that, he earned the second rank in the list published by Yahoo. Not only does the list of his success stops, but continues. Apart from earning awards and titles. He made his debut in the ring in 2014. His first fight was against the popular boxer named Lauro Alcantar. He conquered the match in 21 seconds. With this, his success continued throughout the whole of 2014. By the end of 2014, he came to be regarded as the Prospect of the Year. He was given the name by the popular site titled

Early Life

Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Young Felix Verdejo

Born on the 19th of May in 1993 was none other than but the popular boxer of Puerto Rica named Felix Verdejo Sanchez. Later he changed his name to Felix Verdejo. Being passionate about boxing, he started his career at a very early age, that is when he was 19years old. He started his career in 2012, to be particular in October. He made his debut after joining the popular boxing company named Top Rank. After signing the contract, he was given an amount that has never been disclosed. But he revealed that the bonification was somewhere around $600,000.


Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Felix Verdejo fighting against Masayoshi Nakatani

Though he started his career in 2014, his golden opportunity to grab his first title came in the starting month of 2015, which is in January. At that time, he was a part of the popular boxing group named Top Rank, which listed his match with the popular boxer of Mexico named Marco Antonio Lopez. The match was based on the 8round bout scheduled on the 28th of February. But for some reason or the other, the round of the match was later changed, and it was increased to the 10-round bout. Due to an increase in the number of rounds, the match was postponed and was scheduled for the 25th of April.

The main reason for postponing the match was because Verdejo got a minor injury in his hand. The award of the fight was the title named WBO Latino Lightweight. After the match, it was also said that the title was given only for Verdejo because he was the only lightweight player, and Lopez weighed 4pounds which was way over the criteria of Light Weight. Although Verdejo won the match in the fifth round itself and was declared the winner of the title with a score of 46-36.

With time his career went on and he won more and more matches against heavy players. But in the middle, he left the ring for some reason. After some time, in the very next year, which was in 2016 on the 6th of December, he declared that he will be returning to the ring. He also stated that he will be fighting in the ring on the 3rd of February in 2017, which was in his native place that is Puerto Rico. After some time, it was confirmed by the company he was playing under, that is Top Rank. It was further declared that he would be in the ring fighting against the popular super featherweight boxer named Oliver Flores. The match was scheduled at the popular ring named Coliseo Roberto Clemente which is in San Juan. The fight was telecasted on the popular channel named UniMas. Being such a great boxer, Verdejo conquered the fight. Followed by the win of the match, he acquired the title of WBO Lightweight.

After some time, on the 5th of August in that very year which is in 2017, it was announced by the boxing company Top Rank that Verdejo would be having another of his fights on the 22nd of September. It was also declared that he will not fight under his own name but rather use his ring name which was Gilberto Ramirez. In the fight of 22nd September, his opponent was Jesse Hart. The venue of the fight was Tucson which is in Arizona. Apart from that, another of his match was scheduled on the 14th of August which was against the popular boxer of Mexico named Antonio Lozada Jr. The match was scheduled at the Convention Centre. The audience later realized that Lozada Jr, for the very first time, fighting somewhere outside of his own country that is outside of Mexico. But later, the fight was canceled since Verdejo picked up some severe injury during his training time.

After some time, on the 22nd of December in 2017, Verdejo, via his social media handles that he will be coming back to the ring even stronger. At that time, he returned after a period of one year or so which is around after 13 months. Later, he scheduled his fight in the following year, that is on the 17th of March in 2018, at the popular boxing place named Madison Square Garden. After some time, that is around a week later, it was declared that he will be fighting against the popular boxer of Mexico named Antonio Lozada Jr.

After so many years of his career, he experienced his first loss in his career to date. But he experienced his first loss in the match against Lozada Jr, where he was stopped in the 10th round. Due to the loss, he experienced a setback in his career which further leads him to take a breakup. But as it is said, everyone gives a stronger come back after their fall. The same happed with Verdejo, after his break, in the final match, he scored much ahead of his opponent and took the game in his pocket. With this, his career went on and he won more and more titles and matches.

In the following year, that is in 2019, declared another of his fights after the loss he incurred. The match was scheduled for the 20th of April at the Madison Square Garde. The opponent of the match was Bryan Vasquez, who acquired the 7th position in the list of WBA, which was under the lightweight category. Even though he was fighting against one of the top players of the lightweight category, he won the match in the 10th round. After some time, that is, on the 12th of December in 2020, he fought for the prestigious title of WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight. The match was declared against the popular boxer named Masayoshi Nakatani. Not only was Verdejo a great boxer, but also came to be regarded as the first one to knock out Nakatani not once but twice that is in the first round and the second round. But a match can’t be one-sided right? Nakatani also knocked out Verdejo a total of two times that is once in the ninth round and at the time of the other one, the fight was stopped at 1:45 minutes.

Net Worth

Being such a great personality of the boxing field is Felix Verdejo. Not only is he a great boxer but he also a never-ending list of wins and very few losses. With all this Felix Verdejo has a net worth of somewhere estimated to be $30million.

Personal life

Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Felix Verdejo at the hospital after his motorcycle accident

The stop in his career came when he met a deadly motorcycle accident on his to Carolina that is in Puerto Rico. He was traveling from Fajardo. In the initial days of the accident, he suffered severe injuries. Another person was also there who was left uninjured. The main point of his injury was the head. Apart from that, there were small lacerations as well. After his recovery, he was discharged from the hospital on the 19th of August. Apart from that, just a few days ago, that is on the 30th of April, Verdejo was interrogated by the authorities to know about the information of a missing woman.

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