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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Review & Recap: Alicia Realizes Her Potential

Breaking Down Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9
From Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Featuring Alicia

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 sees Alicia realizing her potential to be a leader. The episode saw her on the run from Arno. Troubled with her memories, Alicia didn’t remember how she ended up at a stranger’s house. What she didn’t realize is that connecting with this stranger would help her mold herself and come to a circle with what the voice in her head is telling her. But first, she also had to deal with Arno.

So here we are breaking down the ninth episode of Fear The Walking Dead that marks the beginning of Part 2 of the seventh season. We will take a look at Alicia meeting Paul and acknowledging his story that helps her with her own motive to where she is headed next. Then, in the end, we will break down our thoughts on Season 7 Part B’s premiere for Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead S07 E09 Recap

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Part B’s premiere opened up with Alicia’s dream. The one where she led a group of people to PADRE. Following a walker was the way she thought until it was not, and she woke up. She found herself at a stranger’s house and met Paul, who was a deaf musician living alone after his wife died. In an attempt to save him, she broke his Stereo, and he needed a new one.

What Went Down In Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 ?

From Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Featuring Alicia

Alicia wanted to go back to her people, but Paul was not letting her go. Until she helps him find a new stereo. He found her in a barn, brought her home, and tried to treat her illness with medicine. He believes the least she can do is help him find that stereo. A threat came walking in the form of Arno, who knocked on their door. Paul helped Alicia hide.

From there on, Alicia agreed to help Paul as they visited a concert hall and got what Paul needed. Amidst this, they got to know each other, and Alicia even asked him to come along with her and join her people.

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The only problem amidst this was that Arno came back as he knew Alicia was hiding. He tried to feed her to the people to whom Alicia once promised that she would take her to a safe place. Those people were now walkers.

Luckily, Paul came to the rescue at the right time, and they got free. We found out that the stereo is important for Paul because it helps him drown out her wife’s voices from inside his head. This saw Alicia connecting with him, and even she disclosed the voice in her head. Paul found a stereo in the car they were hiding in. He was now ready to help Alicia to take out Arno.

Our Thoughts On Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9

From Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Featuring Alicia

Paul stood prepared at his house and waited for Arno to come. Loudspeakers were played that brought more walkers to the scene while Arno and his men were not able to hear a thing. Paul decided to stay back and let Alicia escape and told her to follow her voice because it was probably the real her.

Paul played the bagpipers loud until Arno took him out. The episode came to a close, with Alicia reuniting with Morgan. Now she was listening to the voice inside more than ever. So she had a new goal to make a place like PADRE. For that, she is going back to the bunker to look for a transmitter.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Review

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 works as more of a filler but at the same time tells a lot about Alicia and her journey. With the help of a filler character like Paul, it helped Alicia to resonate with the dreams she is having.

Right from the beginning of the episode, we felt that Paul would be like a one-off character unless there are a change of plans. Figuring Paul’s goals were pretty confusing initially in the episode. Especially with the unreal deal of his where he wanted Alicia to help him with the Stereo. Then only he may let her leave.

That was until we came to realize later in the episode why he needed it. It formed an emotional depth and connection that boosted Alicia’s story. The need for her to become the leader she is meant to be.

For a while now, we have seen Alicia facing dangers and in a lot of pain that has continued to torment her. She got bit and still survived but with a mysterious disease. Realizing her potential as a leader was something Alicia needed, and Paul’s involvement in the same helped it. So we may see more of Alicia as we head towards the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead Season 7.

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