Fear The Walking Dead Season 5: Release Date or Canceled?

In this post, we are going to talk about Fear The Walking Dead season 5 release date, cancellation, and updates. The show is now left with the finale episode, and fans cannot wait to know what is next. We have seen a lot throughout the fourth season, which was broadcasted in two parts. As we know, the killing of characters is not a big deal for this show, as we have seen a lot of kill-offs in the recent season. It will be a crucial part when we have to talk about the next season, so let’s get started.

The show has been quite popular, as its parent show The Walking Dead is already a famous show. But this show has created its own image among the fans, and crossover between both shows in the fourth season was cherry on the cake. So, the question arises that will there be another renewal of Fear The Walking Dead? The answer is yes, the show has been renewed for the fifth season back in August.

Furthermore, this leads to another question, when will the next season premiere? To answer this question, we will have to go through the release dates of the previous seasons. If past seasons’ release dates are anything to take a reference, then we can assume the next season¬†will release in May 2019. However, it may be delayed till June like the current season, so everything depends on the progress of work.

Same way, the number of episodes is not announced till now. So, we need to look back at the previous season, and we can expect the same number of episodes as the third and fourth seasons, which was 16. But still, there is nothing solid available when it comes to episodes.

We have seen the demise of Madison and Nick in the first half of the fourth season. Another character kill-off came recently in the fourth season, which was Jim. So, we can assume all the rest cast members are supposedly coming back for the fifth season. But still, we have finale episode to go. We might see another death in the finale episode, but I hope it does not happen! So that we can see the team back in the next season.

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