Fear Street Part One: Review & Plot Summary

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Fear Street Part One

Fear Street Part One: 1994 has been released recently on Netflix, the streaming giant, and well, subscribers have already added it to their watch list. But if you are someone who is debating in their head about whether or not to watch this horror flick, then here we have got your back. Down below, we have mentioned a full review regarding the tale, which will help you understand the choices better in an effective manner.

Netflix released Fear Street Part One back on the 2nd of July 2021. It will serve as the first installment set in the Fear Street Trilogy. The other two installments are going to release in the following weeks. Till this point in time, the first movie has gathered positive reviews from all the fans who have already watched the film. The story has been adapted from the book series of the same name, which has been written by R. L. Stine.

The story starts with a scene from a bookstore where an employee named Heather Watkins gets murdered. Her killer is her own friend Ryan. But the bizarre thing about this murder is that Ryan portrayed no hints or intentions of killing her. Well, after he finished eliminating his friend, along with the other people at the mall, he is shot dead in the head by a police officer. There is a serious media buzz around this massacre as they start portraying this mass killing in the form of a norm which is pretty common in Shadyside located in Ohio.

Fear Street Part One Review
A still from Fear Street Part One

Fear Street Part One Review

This place is popular in the country for being the murder capital. The weird thing about this Shadyside is that the place is set exactly opposite Sunnyvale. This latter location is dubbed as the most comfortable and safest city in the United States. Now, given the fact that Fear Street is a teenage drama too, the kids in Shadyside start to believe that this discrimination on their portion of the land is a result of witch Sarah Fier. It is believed that she was executed for witchcraft back in 1666 but, before dying, put a deadly curse on the whole town.

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Now, shock jumps are something that has gone out of style a very long time ago and the audience these days prefer the tales which challenge their mental thrill to go overboard. The disturbing imagery in a horror film that comes along with that sweet taste of suspense is what makes Fear Street, Fear Street. The moviegoers these days do not want to see only blood and ghosts as well as ghouls in the horror films but rather provide us with the trauma of each character and the emotional story which defines their arc.

The story shows us what it promised, a group of teenagers who have set on a mission to lift the curse from Shadyside, which has been troubling the natives for almost three centuries. Unlike many horror movies, curses these days which always have a metaphor hidden beneath their actual story, we have Fear Street where the curse is simply a curse. This curse initiates a murder spree within the people while Sunnyvale is well settled and thriving on its own.


Concept of the film

Feat Street does not serve us just the horror genre but along with it, blends well the entire palette of dark themes, which we desperately need in a film like this. I suggest you really should take some time out and watch the film available on Netflix right now. The basic plan of this platform started at 8.99 US dollars a month, and you will get subjected to an unlimited library of content.

Also, you guys should keep in mind that it is your subscription plan which determines the type of device you can connect your Netflix to as well as the number of screens you can watch at one given moment. Given the fact that there are teens in this film, we also are solid witnesses to their daily drama, relationships as well as friendships. There is a trauma attached to every character, which makes them more than just a story to us. Although, the story really becomes a motivation when our group decides to leave all the chaos behind and unite in order to defeat an unforeseen threat.

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