FBI Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date: Team Tries to Find The Shooter Who Shot An ICE Agent

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The bureau will have to work faster to locate a shooter on FBI Season 4 Episode 16 who is possibly targeting an important person. While the previous episode saw a woman getting kidnapped out of nowhere in New York late-night which turned out to be related to a serial killer. Moreover, the killer had been involved in murders in several other states which made it even harder to track him down.

On the other hand, Isobel came across her father who was the owner of a chain of hotels where one of the possible suspects was staying. Meanwhile, things started to get tricky when all the possible suspects kept getting ruled out from being the serial killer. Whereas, the team had to get a sneak and peek warrant to find more evidence when Isobel’s father didn’t prove to be much of a help in the case.

The American series which kick-started the “FBI” franchise has gradually become a popular choice among viewers, especially in the list of prime-time tv shows. Moreover, the success has helped the show to keep going strong with the ongoing fourth season as well. But the fans are now eager to watch FBI Season 4 Episode 16. However, let us take a quick recap of the previous to find out what happened.

FBI Season 4 Episode 16
A still from FBI Season 4 Episode 15

FBI Season 4 Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 of FBI Season 4 came out on 22nd March 2022 and was titled “Scar Tissue”. The episode saw a woman named Violet being abducted at night by a man from a bar. The woman who had tried to help her gave a rough idea of what the man looked like and the team started working on it. First, they brought in a man named Bobby who was Violet’s friend and was seen with her last night at another bar. However, his alibi checked out and he was set free but since he mentioned gifting a Fitbit to Violet once, the team used it to track Violet’s location. But they were too late as she was dead already.

After getting a postmortem, the team learned that she was strangled by someone strong. Soon, the case became a serial killing case when the similarities of Violet’s death matched with three other women in different cities. One guy came to light as his credit card was used in all those cities on the night of the murders of these women. Therefore, the team brought in a man named Dwight to interrogate. But his alibi also checked out and was set free. Although, he did mention a man who was vibing with the woman in Miami and saw him again the next day in his hotel as well.

However, the description of the guy wasn’t a match anywhere. So the team now had to get a list of all the guests who stayed in that hotel but the hotel refused to give the details. Therefore, Isobel went to see her father Robert who was the owner of the chain of hotels. But she didn’t get any help from him either. However, the team eventually got a possible match, an MMA fighter named Andrés Silva who had stayed at that hotel in Miami with his crew which included his three brothers. Furthermore, they had been in all the cities during the nights when those women were murdered.

FBI Season 4 Episode 16
Scola and Tiffany

So Omar and Maggie went to the New York hotel penthouse where Silva and his brothers were staying. There they heard from Silva’s assistant Molly that his brother Eduardo scared her. After tracking his location they caught him and found a piece of Violet’s cloth in his car. But his alibi also checked out from the time of the murder. The team now went above and beyond to get evidence secretly from the penthouse and found a shirt with Violet’s blood on it. Moreover, they also discovered that the shirt was worn by Andrés Silva. So they went out to arrest him and also find Molly since they figured she might be in danger.

However, Scola found Molly dead while Andrés escaped by knocking out Tiffany. Now even though Eduardo didn’t reveal where Andrés was going, the bureau learned that he was at a private airfield to escape the country. Omar and Maggie went there and Omar got into a fight with Andrés who was trying to choke him. But Omar managed to break free while Maggie shot Andrés before he could shoot Omar. In the end, Robert came to apologize to Isobel for the past and they eventually went out to dinner.

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FBI Season 4 Episode 16: Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

FBI Season 4 Episode 16 will release on 29th March 2022 at 8 pm ET on CBS.” Additionally, the episode will be titled “Protective Details”. The episode will see the bureau trying to track down a shooter who shot an agent during a hockey game.

Watch FBI Season 4 Episode 16 Online – Streaming Details

FBI Season 4 airs on CBS at 8 pm ET every Tuesday in the United States. Additionally, the latest episodes also stream on Paramount+. Moreover, the show is available on Amazon Prime Video and Youtube TV. While the viewers in Canada can watch the show on Global TV.

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