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FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16

The fans and viewers are looking forward to the release of FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 to find out what new case pops up next. While the previous Episode gave us a look at Andre’s sister Jordan and her friend Grace getting kidnapped in Kosovo. Meanwhile, Jordan’s boyfriend Ethan was beaten and left unconscious. Things in Budapest got difficult for Jamie and Scott when Agent Porter dropped by for another review on them.

On the other hand, Andre decided to put his job on the line and go to Kosovo when he learned that his sister had been kidnapped. Agent Katrin went out to find resources in Pristina, which was the city in Kosovo where Jordan went missing, to get help in finding her soon since the US didn’t have a good presence there nor an FBI office. While Scott asked Jamie to find the real reason, Porter was back in Budapest for the third time so early.

The American crime drama taking place in an international setting has sparked a keen interest among the viewers since its debut. Moreover, the show being a part of the “FBI” franchise had added to the success too. Although, the viewers are now excited to watch FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16. However, let us first take a look at what all went down in the previous Episode.

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16

A still from FBI: International Season 1 Episode 15

FBI: International S01E15 Recap

Episode 15 of FBI: International Season 1 came out on 29th March 2022 and was titled “Shouldn’t Have Left Her”. The Episode saw Jordan, her boyfriend Ethan, and friend Grace arriving in Pristina, Kosovo, where Ethan’s college friend was supposed to pick them up. But he didn’t show up, and some men kidnapped Grace and Jordan, leaving Ethan unconscious. Although, moments before getting kidnapped, Jordan had called her brother Andre and the noise from behind had gone to his voicemail. Upon receiving the mail, he was worried and found Ethan’s number to call him and learned about what had happened.

Meanwhile, Katrin told everyone that Pristina was full of trafficking and they didn’t have an office there, and neither did the police like them there. So Scott told him to stay until Katrin gets in touch with her contacts in Pristina and then move ahead. In the meantime, Agent Porter arrived unannounced to review Jamie and Scott’s cases again. Andre eventually saw the opportunity and left for Pristina. There he got into a bit of trouble when the police locked him up for coming unannounced. But eventually, detective Ledar set him free, secretly giving him the address of Ethan’s friend who had called him.

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16

Andre with Detective Ledar

To his surprise, Andre found Ethan there and asked him to tell him what was happening. Soon Ethan’s friend Leon arrived with a man named Matthew, who was supposedly an investigator. But before he could get more intel, another man attacked Andre, and they jumped out of the room fighting. Eventually, Andre beat that guy but had to run when others started coming. Detective Ledar helped him escape, and they were keeping an eye on Matthew after Andre got intel on him from Cameron that Matthew was involved in the whole trafficking operation with Leon and his cousins.

In the meantime, Ethan was found dead. Soon, Andre and Ledar visited Matthew and beat him to get information about the location of Jordan and Grace. After that, they went to the factory and spread out to get the girls. Andre got to Grace first, who was held by Leon. Upon asking, Leon said that Ethan knew about this all. On the other hand, Detective Ledar got shot and killed, and now Andre was alone. But soon, the police force arrived, and Andre got to Jordan, getting her secured. The next morning, Katrin arrived at the station where Andre was held and got him free. In Budapest, Jamie found that Agent Porter was having an affair with a prostitute, which is why he was visiting so often. After seeing that his secret had come out, Porter backed out and promised to close the case and never bother them.

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FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Release Date & Air Time

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 will release on 12th April 2022 at 10 pm ET on CBS. In addition to that, the episode will be titled “Left of Boom”. Although, an official synopsis is not yet revealed. So stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Watch FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Online – Streaming Details

FBI: International Season 1 airs every Tuesday at 10 pm ET on CBS in the United States. Additionally, the latest episodes are also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, and Youtube TV. Meanwhile, the show is available to watch on Global TV every Tuesday in Canada.

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