Favourite TV Drama At Kids’ Choice Awards Won By Riverdale

It came as a shock to most of the fans but it shouldn’t be as its a teen drama, and kids love watching teen TV shows and even though it had serious competition from shows like The Flash, Stranger Things, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead seems to be a pretty tough competitor to get past. As we know Riverdale is a teen drama series. Starring K. J. Apa and Lili Reinhart. The last time at the Teen Choice Awards it bagged a lot of prizes. The series amassed a total of nine awards.

This weeks award was its first Kid’s Choice Award. Recently the show had to suffer the unexpected loss of the star cast Luke Perry. He was an important figure in the series not only on screen but off screen as well. Now, let me give you all a bit of synopsis about this teen drama:

Riverdale is a town and here suddenly a twin rich and famous kids die. The series starts from a whole new school year which means new students join in as well.

The things change and interesting turn of events follow after some of the students start to unravel the mysterious death of the twins.

They discover the deepest corners of Riverdale small town. Archie the main character and his gang are at the thick of the action in this series. I know the series seems interesting and believe the choice of teens and start to watch this one soon.

Some of the other television series winners at the awards were Zendaya for the female TV star, Fuller House for the funniest TV show and Jace Norman for the male TV star. Riverdale’s three seasons are already out, and the fourth one is going to release this year only.

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