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Fatherhood (2021) Confirmed: Coming To Netflix In The June Of 2021

Fatherhood Is Coming To Netflix In June 2021
A Still From The Official Trailer Of Fatherhood Featuring Kevin Hart as Matthew Logelin and Melody Hurd as Maddy Logelin, Credits: Netflix

Kevin Hart is coming back to our screens for a Netflix film this June. The man known for his comedy ventures is staying with the same roots. But this time adding a little emotional toll on it. Yes, Fatherhood, a brand new comedy-drama produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Netflix will see the actor playing a single Dad. Paul Weitz has directed the film with the assistance of Dana Stevens, who worked on the screenplay of the film with him. Apart from Kevin Hart as the main lead, the movie also stars Alfre Woodard, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan, Melody Hurd, and Paul Reiser.

Fatherhood is based on Matthew Logelin’s 2011 memoir, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love. It is a story of a single father learning what Fatherhood means when he loses his wife while delivering a baby girl. Now he takes up all the responsibility of raising her all on his own. Like we said a comedy with emotional touch this time. So here we are taking a look at what this new Kevin Hart flick is about and when we can expect the film to hit our screens as well who is playing who in Netflix’s Fatherhood.

Fatherhood Release Date

Fatherhood is officially releasing on June 18, 2021. It will release digitally on Netflix. Originally Fatherhood aimed to release in the theatres last year. The original release for the film was scheduled to be in the month of April. But in the January of 2020, Sony Pictures decided to push the movie to next year altogether. Following the scheduled dates, the Covid-19 pandemic came into play, and Fatherhood became one of the victims. This resulted in the studios pushing it twice or thrice to the year 2021. In the end, Netflix licensed the release of the film, and now Sony Pictures decided to release the film on the OTT platform all at once while they release it in theatres only in China.

Fatherhood Plot

The story of Kevin Hart starring Fatherhood follows Matthew Logelin, whose wife died giving birth to their newborn baby girl Maddy. What leads is Matthew learning how to grow a little girl as a single dad step by step. Especially when the world told him he couldn’t and should go back to the place where they could have a family. The film portrays the journey of a father and daughter’s love and a father learning what Fatherhood means.

The Plot Of Fatherhood

A Still From The Official Trailer Of Fatherhood Featuring Kevin Hart as Matthew Logelin and Melody Hurd as Maddy Logelin

The trailer of Fatherhood gives a little more insight into how the Netflix comedy-drama may fold out. We have lots of funny and quirky moments. Starting with Kevin Hart’s Matthew figuring out what to do as a parent while everyone told him to go back to his family. Also, he and his friends perform a song for the baby. We also see the little girl Maddy growing up living with her father and Matthew struggling and facing the facts every day about the absence of his daughter’s mother. But at the end of the day, all in good spirit as the father-daughter duo sum it all up.

Apart from all the fun moments, we are bound to see a few emotionally striking moments in the film as well. Matthew still haunted by the fact of losing his wife and hoping she could be there for them. Also, his daughter Maddy asking the reason behind only two of them being together while she watches other kids with their mothers. Anyway, Fatherhood is an emotional rollercoaster with funny jokes here and there. Check out the official trailer for the film below.

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Fatherhood Cast

The Cast of Fatherhood is led by name who is almost synonymous with comical ventures Kevin Hart. He is playing the lead role of single dad Matthew Logelin. The little Melody Hurd joins the film as Maddy Logelin to complete the father-daughter duo. The veteran Alfre Woodard knew for 12 Years A Slave and Annabelle joins the film playing the role of Marian. Lil Rel Howery from the 2017 horror film Get Out joins the film as Jordan.

The Cast Joining Fatherhood

A Still From The Official Trailer Of Fatherhood Featuring Kevin Hart as Matthew Logelin

Also joining the cast of Fatherhood is DeWanda Wise (She’s Gotta Have It) as Swan, Anthony Carrigan (Barry) as Oscar, Paul Reiser (Mad About You) as Paul, and Teneisha Collins as Tessa. Deborah Ayorinde could appear in some flashback sequences as Matthew’s wife Liz Logelin as well.

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