Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021 – Ranked

The South Korean Music Industry is currently the most talked about in today’s time. It is taking the world by storm, and rightfully so, they have given us musical sensations like BTS, Twice, IU, and so many more. The Kpop industry shapes and molds the stars they want to put out in public. And rappers are some of the idols who are trained to rap from the beginning. Most of the rappers in the Kpop industry are visuals who were not so skilled in their vocals and were so trained to rap. Others are rappers who also chose to be idols for other reasons. Here, we bring you the fastest male kpop rappers of 2021.

Rappers who are Kpop idols are considered to be less skilled than those who are rappers in the Hip Hop industry. Netizens say that the reason for this is because hip-Hop artists have to focus mainly on their skills as a rapper or singers. Kpop idols have a whole world to cater to with other qualities, including dancing, entertaining their fans, etc. Although that could be considered true to some extent, some Kpop rappers have strong skills in rapping. A good rapper is someone who is able to write their own raps and is able to maintain a good flow with their raps. The speed of the rapper is essential, but not as much as their ability to create rhymes, punchlines, wordplay, etc. Here have put together a list of the top 10 fastest rappers in the Kpop industry.

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Here we have the Fastest Male Kpop Rappers:

10. Ravi of VIXX

8.63 syllables per second

Kim Won Sik, more popularly known as Ravi of the Kpop Boy Band VIXX, is a rapper, singer, songwriter as well as a producer. Ravi is the CEO of the record label “Groovl1n and The L1VE”. He was first introduced to the public as a contestant on the show “MyDOL” on Mnet. He was one of the six finalists on the show and had his debut as a member of VIXX. The band had its debut in 2012 with the single “Super Hero”.

Ravi made quite a reputation as a rapper and has featured in many songs by kpop and k-hip hop artists alike. Top artists of that time were from the girl group “Melody Day” and the American artist “Chad Future.” Ravi released the single of his first mixtape in 2016. Ravi has quite a hand in writing songs for the band as well as for other artists in the industry. Ravi’s solo was actually in 2017 January with the release of his album “R.eal1ze”, which did pretty well on the charts.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Ravi from VIXX

9. T.OP of Big Bang

8.75 syllables per second

Choi Seung Hyun, better known by his stage name “T.O.P,” is one of the most well-known Korean Celebrities. Before his debut as the lead rapper of Big Bang in 2006, T.O.P was an underground rapper and had made quite a name for himself doing so. In 2003, T.O.P won KBS’ Radio’s Rap Battle under his underground name “Tempo”. Choi auditioned for YG Entertainment but was rejected initially because of his weight, so he lost a massive amount of weight and went back to audition six months later and was selected this time.

After the band became a huge success and gained a lot of attention from outside of South Korea as well, T.O.P started working on his solo career in 2007, when he ventured into acting. He was the first member of the band to go into acting, and his success in this field proves that it was a good idea. T.O.P is one of the most renowned rappers in the entire Kpop industry, and we can see that his skill is legit through all his live performances.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
TOP of Big Bang

8. BOBBY of iKON

9.00 syllables per second

Bobby of iKON, or Kim Ji Won, is a singer, rapper, and songwriter. He joined YG Entertainment in 2011 as a trainee. After two years of training, he participated in the survival show “Win: Who is Next” and lost. Bobby took part in another show called “Show Me The Money 3”, where he won first place. While in the show, he released a number of singles, and he was finally able to debut as a member of team B under the group name iKON.

In 2014, Bobby was featured in a music video by Epik High alongside other great idols like Mino, B.I, etc. After the group’s debut in 2015, Bobby made his solo debut when he released the single “Holup” in collaboration with Mino. Bobby, along with his teammate BI, even made a feature in PSY’s “Bomb” and Lee Hi’s “Video”. Bobby doesn’t have a solo career in rap due to the lack of any released singles and albums, but his raps in the band’s officially released songs are enough for him to gain solo fans.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Bobby from Ikon

7. HAN JISUNG of Stray Kids

9.25 syllables per second

More popularly known as Han, Han Jisung is a multitalented idol under JYP Entertainment. Han is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer as well as a composer for his band Stray Kids. Han was a contestant on the survival show “Stray Kids” and made it as a finalist, which allowed him to debut as an idol and a member of Stray Kids. Han’s rapping skills were highly praised when he took part in the show “Kingdom,” when he showcased how he’s able to rap an average of 9.25 syllables per second. He left the judges, the other contestants, and the audience in a jaw-dropping shock with that performance of his.

Han is considered one of the most talented Kpop idols in the industry, being called a whole band all by himself. He is also the youngest idol to have more than 80 songs registered under his name in KOMCA. He is known as one of the best 4th gen rappers, and a quick look at his rap skills makes it understandable. Han is able to fit a lot of multi-syllable words in a sentence and is able to rap them all without a fault. This is a big undertaking on how good a rapper actually is. He is often compared to the rappers of previous-gen idols like BTS and Block B, which is a very big deal for someone who is only two years into their career as an idol.

Han Jisung from Stray Kids

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9.25 syllables per second

Do Han Se, more popularly known as Hanse, is a member of the Kpop boy band Victon. He had his debut in 2016, along with the rest of the members of the band, as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Hanse has a hand in almost all the songs the band puts out and has been doing so since the beginning of his career. Apart from being a sick rapper, Hanse has skills in freestyling as well.

In 2021, Hanse released his first full-length solo album called “Voice: The Future is Now”. Fans often joke about how many pairs of lungs Hanse actually has because of how fast he is able to rap. Hanse’s raps are very personal, and he uses them to talk about moments in his life that are very personal to him as well. In his solo song “Black Dog,” Hanse talks about his struggles with depression and gives fans a positive message to keep on living.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Hanse from Victon


9.38 syllables per second

Min Yoongi or Suga is a rapper of the band BTS. Suga’s debut was in 2013, along with the other six members of the band. Suga had a career in rap even before he was a trainee under BigHit Entertainment. He is a producer, composer, rapper, dancer, and even sings at times. Yoongi had a passion for music and rap from a young age. He was an underground rapper who went by “Gloss” and was part of a hip-hop group called D-Town. Suga had auditioned for the role of either a composer or a producer, but Bang PD was impressed by his rap skills. He made Suga join the band as a rapper, with the promise of letting him compose and produce songs for the band.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Suga from BTS

Apart from his super hit career as a member of the world’s biggest boyband, Yoongi has made a name for himself as a solo artist as well. Going by the name “Agust D,” he made his solo debut in rap in 2016 with a self-named album. His raps have very heavy lyrics, as he addresses topics that are considered controversial in South Korea. He talks about his depression and how he struggled to make his way to where he is. Suga also has composed and produced songs and albums for other artists, including Suran, Lee So-Ra, Juice Wrld, Halsey, Heize. Suga was recently given the credits for the default ringtone in Samsung’s latest phone.

4. EUNHYUK from Super Junior

9.63 syllables per second

Lee Hyuk Jae, more popularly known as Eunhyuk, is a member of the boy band Super Junior. Eunhyuk is a rapper, songwriter, singer, and even a television host. Eunhyuk auditioned for SM Entertainment at the age of 13 in 1999. He was a trainee for seven years before his debut in 2005 as a part of a 12 member boy group. Eunhyuk had an active role in writing the lyrics for the songs put out by Super Junior and was responsible for writing a majority of the raps. He had his first solo performance debut during the Super Junior concert “Super Show”.

EUNHYUK from Super Junior

Eunhyuk is most known as a host for radio and television shows in his solo career. He was a part of many subunits of the band, where he played the role of a lead rapper in. The song “Rokuko,” which was released by sub-unit “Super Junior T,” ranked No. 1 on the charts and was one of the most hit songs of that year. He was even part of a Duo along with his teammate Donghae, and they released music in both Korean and Japanese to cater to fans of both countries, while a majority of the group was enlisted in the military.

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3. CHANGBIN of Stray Kids

9.75 syllables per second

Seon Chang-bin is the lead rapper of the band Stray Kids. He is a singer, producer, and songwriter as well. Changbin is the main producer for the band and is given credit as the writer and composer for the band’s first album. The album was a super hit and went on to give the band worldwide fame. Before he started composing for the actual band, the rapper was a part of a sub-unit called 3RACHA along with 2 of his other members. Changbin’s talent in rapping as well as in composing and songwriting got him handpicked by Bang Chan to debut as a member of Stray Kids.

Changbin had support even before his debut because of his rap skills. This skill was brought more into the spotlight when the band visited the Weekly Idol and introduced himself as a fast rapper because of his ability to be able to read fast. There is no difference in Changbin’s efficiency of raps in both the studio versions as well as when he raps live.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Changbin of Stray Kids

2. RM from BTS

9.88 syllables per second

Kim Namjoon, or RM, is the leader of the famous worldwide boyband BTS. He is the lead rapper and is also a producer and songwriter. RM has been in the rap industry from a young age. He started writing lyrics from the age of 11 and would perform in local hip-hop groups for exposure. Namjoon originally went by the name Runch Randa and was very successful as an underground rapper. Namjoon joined BigHit Entertainment at the age of 16 after being recommended to it by producer Sleepy. RM has actively participated in the production of the band’s songs since the beginning. His first solo album, RM, was a hit and was ranked 48th in the list of top 50 Best Hip Hop Albums of the year.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
RM from BTS

Namjoon continued to collaborate with other popular artists, including western artists and gained quite a name as a solo artist. As the band gained fame, RM’s solo fanbase also increased in size, and his second solo album was met with a lot of praise. The album, Mono, was a massive hit and ranked #2 on the Billboard US World Albums list. Namjoon is very well respected and appraised in the rap industry and is looked up to by a lot of the new coming artists in the industry.

1. ZICO from Block B

10.13 syllables per second

Woo Ji Ho or Zico is the main rapper of the boy band Block B. Although his introduction to the public was before he joined the band, Zico had made a name for himself as a hip-hop idol. He was an underground rapper going by the name “Nacseo” and performed alongside other famous underground crews. His official debut was in 2009 when he released a single along with Park Kyung and even featured in IU’s single “Marshmallow”.

Fastest Male Kpop Rappers in 2021
Zico from Block B

Zico joined Block B as the leader and was the producer for their debut mini-album. Zico is one of the most talked-about artists because of his active role in both the Kpop as well as the Korean hip-hop industry. He’s had various people write diss tracks on him and have tried ridiculing his rap skills but to no avail. Zico has won multiple awards as a singer, songwriter, producer, and, obviously, rapper. He bagged the Daesang in 2020 for his single “Any Song”. The song also won him the award for “Best Rap/Hip Hop”. Zico stills stand tall as the fastest rapper in the Korean Pop Industry. A big reason for this would be his experience in the Hip-Hop industry, where rap skills are more polished, and the flow is just better.

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