Fast and Furious 9: Paul Walker Returns In The Next Movie?

Fast and Furious 9 paul walker

Paul Walker, a name that this generation will never forget. He was famous across the world; no boundaries stopped him reaching to the hearts of viewers. Paul Walker did many films, but he was widely known for his work in the Fast and Furious franchise. He was Brian for seven odd seasons, which gave him fame, name, wealth, everything. Also, nobody could resist the talent he occupied.

Fast and Furious 9 – Paul Walker Returns?

Paul Walker worked with the Fast and Furious franchise for quite a long time, which made him a crucial part of the franchise. When he died in a car crash, there was silence all around the world. Nobody could believe he is dead until his manager officially announced the news. It was the worst news that a Fast and Furious fan could ever hear.

Paul Walker back in Fast and Furious movie

Furious 7 was midway in the production when this unfortunate event happened. The creators were helpless and even thinking about whether the movie will finish or not. But thanks to Paul Walker’s brothers, and some VFX and CGI, the film completed and premiered.

Now, the news has come in the spotlight that Paul Walker’s family wants to see him in the upcoming parts of the Fast and Furious franchise. It is fair enough to demand it, as their family member has given enough to the franchise, rising it from the ash to the greatest franchises of all time.

I really believe, the dream of the family of Paul Walker is going to be true in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie (not the next one though). Some rumors are suggesting that Paul Walker’s brothers have agreed to work for Fast and Furious, and they will play the body double for Brian (Paul Walker). So Walker brothers and high-quality CGI effects will surely bring Paul Walker back to the big screens. It will be fabulous as we have already seen it that way in Fast and Furious 7, it is hard to believe that Paul Walker was not there. It seems like he is himself doing the role for the whole movie. And if that happens, it will surely be one of a kind movie.

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