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Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?
Joseph Seed and his supporters.

Far Cry 5 is the fifth main installment in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series as the game came out in 2018. This first-person shooter was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. On release, the game was received positively as it became the fastest-selling title in the entire franchise. Commercially, Far Cry 5 grossed a total of $310 million in its first week of sales itself. Along with these came several downloadable contents to be purchased separately. But while the game did receive mostly positive reviews, it faced some controversy over its ending. The game’s ending was loosely based on then-heightened politics between the US and North Korea. Moreover, for the players themselves, the ending deemed their hours of gameplay meaningless. There was even a spin-off sequel to the game that came out in 2019, called Far Cry New Dawn, so let’s have Far Cry 5 Ending Explained.

Far Cry New Dawn was set seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5. The nuclear explosion that occurred at the end of Far Cry 5 was dubbed as “the Collapse” as it devastated the world. This sequel was set in a smaller region in Hope County as the remaining survivors attempted to build Prosperity. It was a township to be built on the remains of Joseph Seed’s ranch from back in Far Cry 5. But their efforts are threatened by a roving band of organized bandits known as the Highwaymen. These play out as the main antagonists in the game, while Project Eden’s Gate survivors are now a community known as New Eden. While they have given up mosy forms of modern technology after the disappearance of Joseph Seed, both he and the deputy from Far Cry 5 return to the franchise. Let’s see how.

Far Cry 5 Plot

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?

Joseph Seed “The Father”

Far Cry 5 is set in the fictional town of Hope County, a region set around Montana, United States. The main plot of the game revolves around a doomsday cult that has been conducting a Project at Eden’s Gate. This cult has managed to take control over Hope County under the command of its charismatic and powerful leader, Joseph Seed. He is a preacher who has grown to believe that he has been chosen by God. His objective is to rise to prominence, thus doing God’s bidding by protecting the people from the imminent “Collapse”. The Collapse is said to be a global catastrophe that will see the end of society as we know it. For this, Joseph Seed has created a group known as the Project at Eden’s Gate. This was a place where he could lead the people who have joined him to salvation.

While in reality, Joseph Seed was a radical leader commandeering the militaristic doomsday cult. He would make use of his militants to assert coercion and violence to have the civilians forcibly join his cult. These Hope County residents were kept from contacting the outside world for help. And while heading this cult, Seed has presumed the rule of “the Father”. Joining him as his lieutenants and aid are the Heralds. These Heralds have managed to uncover some decommissioned mission silos and have them convert into bunkers. These bunkers are to protect them and their followers as they would wait out “the Collapse” in them. The Heralds include Jacob “the Soldier”, who was Joseph’s older brother and a former US sniper. Then there was John, “the Baptist” who was Joseph’s younger brother and a lawyer. Lastly, Rachel Jessop, “the Faith” or “the Siren” was to act as a pacifier.

Far Cry 5 Beginning and The Secret Ending Explained

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?


In Far Cry 5, players take control of an unnamed rookie junior deputy sheriff. He was sent over to Hope County as a part of a task force to take down the cult leader “Joseph Seed”. This was a joint operation between the United States Marshals Service and the county sheriff’s department. Along with the player’s character, there was Deputy Marshal Cameron Burke, Sheriff Earl Whitehorse, and his deputies Joey Hudson and Staci Pratt. This task force arrives at Eden’s Gate with an arrest warrant for Joseph Seed on the charges of kidnapping with the intent to harm. Joseph shows no resistance to this arrest as he brings forward his wrists to be arrested by the player. If you do arrest him and try to take him away, you will be faced with some resistance from the cult members. This has Joseph Seed escape our clutches, proceeding the story.

At this point in time, we have another Easter Egg. Back at the beginning of Far Cry 4, we have an encounter with the antagonist, Pagan Min. He asks us to wait at a certain place. And if we do so for some minutes, Pagan Min will return, leading to a series of events that will have the game end. Similarly, we have an option to unlock a secret ending within the first 10 minutes of the gameplay itself. At the beginning of the game, after the angry mob exits the room, the Father offers himself to be taken under custody. The Marshall also instructs us to do the same with an instruction prompting on the screen. But if we choose to do nothing, a few minutes later, Sherriff Whitehorse will give up. This will have you abandon the mission and leave the cult to continue their operations.

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?

Secret ending

Events leading to the Ending

By the ending of Far Cry 5, we will have taken down all the Heralds except for Rachel Jessop aka “the Faith”. She is a collaborator and a sister of the Seeds who happens to be looking after the production of Bliss in Henbane River. The Bliss is a special form of substance that has hallucinatory effects on its victims. If one happens to stay under its influence for too long, they will go into trance like state, thus being vulnerable to Faith’s hypnotic manipulations. To take her down, the deputy meets up with Whitehorse to join the Cougars. Here, the Deputy comes to know from Whitehorse that Burke has been captured by Faith and will soon be under the influence of the Bliss. Therefore, the Deputy goes to save him when he is repeatedly encountered by Faith’s persuasions. But resisting all of them, he resists and rescues Burke.

Unknown to him, the hypnotized Burke ends up killing Virgil Minkler and opens up the jail at Eden’s Gate. This leads to several casualties during which even Whitehorse is captured by the Cult. To save him, the Deputy kills Rachel Jessop, who at her final breaths warns the Deputy how “the Collapse” was real. But to believe if Joseph was really right was up to the deputy. He then rescues Whitehorse from the Cult’s clutches, after which he stops the production of Bliss by destroying it at the Bunker. Thus ending all Heralds prompts the final encounter with Joseph Seed, who invites the deputy to the church. He has captured the resistance groups and has them hypnotized with the bliss as well as has Whitehorse, Hudson, and Pratt hostage. Here, we are given an option to resist or leave peacefully.

Ending Choices

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Far Cry 5 Good Ending Explained

This is the ending that happens when you choose to resist the cult’s operations. The Father, who has two large containers of Bliss beside him, spills them all over the compound. This has everyone in a trance-like state where they are bound to be hypnotized quickly. Here, your allies as well have been hypnotized and will attack you with Joseph. You must attack them, after which they will fall into a revive state. If you happen to revive them, they will join your side and attack Joseph. But, if Joseph revives them, they will attack you. You must have recovered all your teammates together when you attack Joseph. This should have him defeated and bound to be arrested when a flash of light and deafening explosion occurs far away. There is a mushroom cloud that risen up at distance.

This is a sign for you and your allies to get into a truck and race down to Dutch’s bunker. There is a nuclear firestorm chasing you while you must evade the demolishing environment. At this point, another atomic blast occurs at the horizon. And as you are about to reach the bunker, a tree falls on your truck causing you to crash and get knocked out.

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?


Here, as the screen fades in and out, you are taken into the bunker as you are handcuffed to a table. Here, Dutch was on the floor either dead or unconscious while Joseph was standing tall as he moaned the loss of his family. Nevertheless, he was planning to form a new family where the Deputy would become his first child. While it is unknown who really caused the atomic bombs to be dropped, there were a few signs along with the game of how the world outside Hope County was at war.

Far Cry 5 Bad Ending Explained

Another Ending to Far Cry 5 is what deemed as a Bad Ending to the game. Here, the Deputy, i.e., the player chooses to walk away peacefully. The players had worked hard to liberate all the regions and would simply give up as they are at the threshold of success. This decision has you, along with Sheriff Whitehorse, Pratt and Hudson set free from the clutches of the Eden’s Gate. Hare, Hudson was reluctant to do so, but she is simply asked to get into the truck as they drive away from the compound. While we do so, we can see the comrades we had made along the game trying to walk towards us. They have been hypnotized using the Bliss and will simply be under the command of the Father.

Sheriff Whitehorse

Hudson who is still frustrated by the decision, is reassured by Whitehorse that they weren’t running away or giving up on the Hope County citizens. They were about to go to Missoula to alert the National Guard. So, along with them, they would come back in force to liberate the area. While Pratt does not want to do so, that was the gist of the plan. Then Whitehorse turns on the car radio to listen o some music while he drives them away. Unfortunately, the song that happened to play was “Only You”. This causes the Deputy’s vision to become red as our screens causing the screen to go black and the credits to start rolling. “Only You” was the song the Deputy was conditioned to go on a violent rage by Jacob. So, it is assumed that the Deputy killed his allies and went back to Joseph Seed.

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What Happened to the Deputy?

Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: What Happened to the Deputy?

The Judge

In either of the two Far Cry 5 Ending, it is assumed that the Deputy ends up in the Bunker with Joseph Seed. Here, Seed has declared that he would be forming a new family with the deputy as his first child. This is followed up in the spin-off sequel to the game, Far Cry New Dawn. This game takes place seventeen years after the events of the nuclear bombs in the north of Hope County. At the same place, Joseph Seed is leading a new community. Here, we meet up with an intriguing masked character known as the Judge. This Judge’s real name is never revealed, while he also chooses to never speak throughout the game.

According to various sources, it has become quite apparent that this ominous character is in fact, the deputy. The player in Far Cry New Dawn can choose to go to Dutch’s Bunker where the Deputy and Joseph Seed stayed. Here, we can see a note from the Deputy that stated how he had started to believe what Seed would tell him. Due to this, he was now ashamed of his deeds in the past, therefore he has chosen to not speak and wears a mask to hide his embarrassment. Another way to confirm this would be to have the Judge as your companion and go to Prosperity. Here, Kim Rye will tell you how the Judge was the Deputy.

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