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Fans Ask for Better Treatment of ‘Bahiyyih in Queendom 2’

Fans ask for better treatment of 'Bahiyyih in Queendom 2'of
A Still of Survival Show 'Girls Planet 999' of Bahiyyih

‘Huening Bahiyyih’ is a member of the 9 membered K-Pop Girl Group, ‘Kep1er’. Some of you might know her as ‘TXT’s Huening Kai’s sister’. The siblings are half Korean-half German. Bahiyyih is the youngest daughter of Brazilian-American singer and TV personality, Nabil David Huening, while her mother is a Korean. Bahiyyih is the youngest one among her family’s three siblings.

Born in Seoul, Bahiyyih was made a part of the Girl Group ‘Kep1er’ by participating in the Mnet survival show called Girls Planet 999 in 2021. Despite making it to the finals with her hard work and passion that ultimately made her win high scores in the survival show, the 19-year-old idol started receiving hate as soon as she made her debut.

The fans of Kep1er who think that she made it to the finals only because of her famous sibling Huening Kai from TXT have been passing hate comments towards Bahiyyih constantly since her debut.

Fans ask for better treatment of 'Bahiyyih in Queendom2'

Siblngs- TXT Huening Kai and Huening Bahiyyih

Bahiyyih has been facing discrimination for a long time now, and her fans, those who know that she made it in the girl group through her hard work and not because of her brother’s popularity, have been trying their best to support her in any way possible. Currently, Bahiyyih has participated in the show ‘Queendom 2’ where her girl group is one of the 6 teams that have participated in the show.

Fans Call Out for ‘Better Treatment of Bahiyyih in Queendom 2’

Episode 0 of the show ‘Queendom 2’ has been released and Bahiyyih is a part of it.  Her fans have pointed out the mistreatment and malicious comments that Bahiyyih has faced and is still facing in her daily life as an idol.

Fans ask for 'better treatment of Kep1er's Bahiyyih' in 'Queendom 2'

The K-pop Girl Group ‘Kep1er’

Bahiyyih’s Fan Support

In the Mnet survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’ Bahiyyih’s fans had complained about the poor fashion sets given to Bahiyyih, the less screen time she got, and the malicious comments she received during the broadcast of the show. Cautious of the way that Bahiyyih has been treated in the past, her fans have warned and asked the PDs of ‘Queendom 2’ to treat her better.

As the Ep 0 of ‘Queendom 2’ was released, Bahiyyih’s fans were pleasantly surprised as she had gotten more than the screen time that they expected for her to get. They are happy with the screen time Bahiyyih got but are still doubtful of the way that the show will further treat Bahiyyih. Although Bahiyyih shone throughout the released episode 0 of the show ‘Queendom 2’, fans are still excitedly waiting for more. They are wishing all the best to Bahiyyih and waiting for others to realize that she deserves the spot in Kep1er that she got by ranking second in the show ‘Girls Planet 999’.

Fans ask for better treatment of 'Kep1er's Bahiyyih' in 'Queendom 2'

Bahiyyih in the Mnet Survival Show ‘Girls Planet 999’

Online Posts Supporting Bahiyyih

One of Bahiyyih’s fans took to Twitter to comment, “Bahiyyih’s screen time on queendom ep0 is already more than Bahiyyih’s screentime in gp999”. This fan sure sounds happy regarding the fact that Bahiyyih got the spotlight she deserves in the Ep 0 of the show.

While there are fans who are positive about the fact that Bahiyyih is finally going to get the praise that she needs and should’ve earned by now, there are still some other fans who are still skeptical of the show’s production team. One of them took to Twitter and said, “Queendom ep1 next week anyways I wanna see how Mnet gonna move, cause Bahiyyih’s screentime today was good, not getting my hopes up.”

Fans ask for Better Treatment of 'Bahiyyih in Queendom 2'

Huening Bahiyyih

Although the fans’ doubts are genuine and in some way acceptable, considering the history of hate that Bahiyyih has received, there’s nothing wrong in expecting something good to happen. Bahiyyih’s fans are tired of her getting the ‘bare minimum’ and are starting to ‘aim bigger’.

All the way from Girls Planet 999 to Kep1er’s Performances

Bahiyyih’s fans’ expectations have increased since the Ep 0 of ‘Queendom 2’ has been released. They are now voicing out their opinion regarding the screen time that she gets during Kep1er’s performances. They want her to receive the recognition they have yearned for her to get for a long time. Bahiyyih must be glad that among all the hate that she receives from the K-Netizens, she has fans who are there to support her no matter what happens.

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