Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 Release Date: A New Motivation From The Audio

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7

There are many different genres in anime and these genres come with various stories. The Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 is one of those upcoming episodes with high anticipation. In anime, each of these stories has a way of motivating its audience, thus, making anime watchers so attached to the anime world as a whole. Fanfare of Adolescence is the fresh sports anime in this case. However, among these many genres, it is definitely the sports genre that takes the trophy for having most of the motivating storylines.

There are many sports anime that has gained popularity over the years, among them being Kuroko no Basket and of course, Haikyuu!!. Recently, a new sports anime has come to the scene which involves the sport of horse riding. This anime is called Fanfare of Adolescence. This anime has managed to gain a lot of love from viewers because of the 6 episodes it has released so far. As a result, they have been eagerly waiting for what Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 will further bring to them.

Fanfare of Adolescence is an original anime produced by a collaboration between Lay-duce and Aniplex. Its first episode was released on the 2nd of April 2022 and the anime will have 13 episodes.

Fanfare of Adolescense Episode 6 Recap

The 5th episode of Fanfare of Adolescence left fans in emotional turmoil as they were worried about Yu as he met with an accident while horse riding. Episode 6, titled “Let Go of the Reins”, lets us in on the incident’s aftermath. The episode opens up with Yu, who is now hospitalized. What is even more concerning was that he was unable to move his right arm. Since Yu is a former idol, the news of his injury sparked curiosity among reporters, and thus, they began interviewing Yu’s troublesome manager. She also prevents anybody from the horse riding academy to visit Yu.

When she asks Yu to stop, he protests saying that he has an exam coming up in a month. This is when he is visited by the doctor, who tells him that if he applies too much pressure on his muscles, they could cause further serious damage. Unfortunately, the doctor also states that to heal his injuries, he will have to rest for more than a month. This means that Yu won’t be able to attend his exam.

When his classmates find out they are worried that he might have to repeat the year as there won’t be any changes made in the exam schedule. Furthermore, this entire episode becomes another emotional one as it explores how far the bonds, that these classmates have created, have come. We are then taken to Yu, who is reading the comments under a video of him riding a horse. These comments do not seem to be helpful as they talk about how he was never into the sport from the start.

This frustrated him but after seeing a picture of his horse he decides that he needs to recover quickly. Sadly, his manager walks in and tells him that she has sent the paperwork for his withdrawal from the horse academy. His classmates refused to believe the statement put out by his agency and protested that his withdrawal was non-consensual.

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7
Yu faces a serious challenge on the path toward his dream.

Meanwhile, Yu sits on a bench and ponders on the discouraging words of his manager, until he meets Kuji. After a while, we see Yu’s classmates frustrated over the fact that they cannot talk to Yu to understand the situation so some of them decide to visit him by disguising themselves. However, they were caught by Tako. On the other hand, Shun makes it to Yu’s room, through the window.

After an emotional talk and making Yu realize his love for horse riding with a simple question, he leaves behind an mp3 player in Yu’s hand and leaps out of the window. Yu then listens to the audio on the player which contains a lot of encouraging words from his classmates, making the episode even more emotional. The audio ends with the sound of his classmates’ horse racing, a sound that makes Yu fall in love with the sport all over again. The episode ends with Yu, now fully encouraged, ready to not give up on horse riding.

Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7 Release Date

The next episode of Fanfare of Adolescence, which is episode 7, will release on Saturday, the 14th of May 2022. Further episodes of the anime will air every Saturday at 23:00 (JST)

Where to watch Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 7?

You can watch Fanfare of Adolescence episode 7, as well as further episodes, on the online streaming platform Crunchyroll.

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