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False Positive Ending And Plot Summary Explained

How To Watch False Positive Movie?

False Positive revolves around a woman named Lucy who is trying to get pregnant with her husband Adrian. After two years of trying and failing, Adrian convinces Lucy to see Dr. Hindle, who is an old friend of his. Adrian and Lucy visit the prestigious fertility clinic that’s headed by Dr. Hindle. He promises Lucy that she will get pregnant in no time. He tells her that he’ll be employing a new IVF method that he invented himself, to achieve get results. And sure enough, the method works and Lucy gets pregnant. The efficacy of Dr. Hindle’s method is so much that Lucy gets pregnant with triplets. However, there come certain complications with the pregnancy. To avoid any complications, Lucy is told to undergo a “selective reduction” procedure.

The procedure entails a tough choice — she can either have the twin boys or the single girl child. Lucy decides to keep the girl child. Adrian and Dr. Hindle prefer to keep the boys. However, they eventually agree with Lucy’s choice. Lucy names her little girl Wendy. But this is when things start to go a bit haywire. The creepy fertility starts to take an effect, and so do the people around Lucy. She encounters several strange experiences and health complications. Adrian and Dr. Hindle act pretty strange and not to mention, creepy. After one too many of these creepy interactions, Lucy suspects that something has been done to her girl. Lucy then starts seeing a midwife named Grace Singleton in secret.

False Positive Ending Explained

False Positive follows Lucy and Adrian seeking help from Dr. Hindle in their long struggle of getting pregnant.

False Positive Ending Explained: Who Does Lucy Give Birth To?

Things only get worse for Lucy though. Shortly afterward, she starts having hallucinations. However, Dr. Hindle remains adamant that it’s just “mommy brain” that’s making her act up and gives her medicine. Meanwhile, Lucy finds it difficult to tell reality apart from fiction. She eventually comes across some paperwork that confirms her suspicions regarding Dr. Hindle. She turns to a friend for help but later discovers that even she is an accomplice of Dr. Hindle. Lucy ends up giving birth to the twin boys. The underdeveloped stillborn girl is removed from her body. It dawns on Lucy that Dr. Hindle and Adrian had always planned on keeping the boys and not respect her choice.

Whereas Adrian believes that the maternal instincts in Lucy will soon kick in and she’d take kindly to the baby boys, forgiving him. However, that’s not what Lucy has in mind. She had been betrayed by Adrian and Dr. Hindle and she was going to square up. She heads to the fertility clinic and confronts Dr. Hindle. He reveals to Lucy that it was he who impregnated her with his own sperms. Lucy then attacks Hindle and his nurse, leaving them incapacitated. Following that, she goes back home to her twins. We see her holding the twins outside the window and the babies start to float away.

How To Watch False Positive Movie?

A Still From False Positive Movie.

What Does The Ending Mean?

This surreal turn of events towards the ending of False Positive turns out to be just a dream Lucy was having. In actuality, she hands the twins to Adrian and tells him to go away. She then holds Wendy’s underdeveloped fetus close to her heart. We then get another surreal scene of the underdeveloped fetus starting to squirm with life. False Positive ends with Lucy holding Wendy as she suckles on her nipples. The surreal and hallucinatory ending keeps in line with the rest of the film that’s rife with such imagery. False Positive is a kind of a modern-day Rosemary’s Baby. However, this film takes a different approach to motherhood and Lucy ends up accepting her children. Although it seems that she’s killing her twin babies, it turns out to be fake.

The ending of False Positive is confounding. It offers ambiguity in the face of sheer absurdity that goes on throughout the movie. Much like Lucy, the viewers can’t tell the reality and hallucinations apart. While Dr. Hindle and even Adrian act like two strange and creepy individuals, it seems likely that it was all due to Lucy’s “mommy’s brain”. The ending of False Positive sees Lucy accept and embrace her motherhood by not giving up on the twins as well as hallucinating about Wendy.

You can currently stream False Positive on Hulu.

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