Fallout 76 Beta Size, Trailer, And Release Date

Uphold all the patients, fans of Fallout 76 finally have some seriously good news. Fallout 76 Beta Release Date for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 is Announced.

The trailer starts with a speech by the President of the United States in front of vault 76, celebrating its opening, and the future of the citizens that will have to populate vault 76 in case of a post-apocalyptic nuclear meltdown. The citizens of vault 76 have to be amongst the best around because if the bombs do drop, they have it upon themselves to rebuild what is left of that mess. Mellow, enthralling background music sets the tone for the trailer, and we see stills, we see faces, we hear an inspiring message to get us jolted and excited because Bethesda is ready to launch the Fallout 76 beta. The trailer is the game’s intro cinematic that celebrates all things American.

fallout 76 Beta

Fallout 76 Beta Gameplay

Members of Vault 76 take it upon themselves to emerge earlier than other vaults and try to establish their very own society. That means building towns and villages, hunting for game and collecting food, and perhaps dropping a nuclear bomb or two. With this Beta release Bethesda intends to “stress test and break the game: so servers will be online, up and running during targeted time frames so they can get as many people playing at the same time and see how it goes to avoid problems in the future release.

The time specifics have not been yet confirmed. Bethesda announced that play sessions could last between four to eight hours and it is set and scheduled to go on until a few days before the launch of the game.

Bethesda also made a warning, as a beta, players should expect bugs and glitches, as beta versions of the game often tend to do. Beta versions are works in progress of the final version of the game, so don’t get your hopes up and expect a few glitches, and Bethesda expects you as a beta tester to report those problems, to provide feedback and suggestions to make the best out of the final Fallout 76 experience.

If you want to play this beta test, you will need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership. Fallout 76 is an online title, so the game will also require that kind of subscriptions. The only way to get your hands on the beta is to pre-order the game at participating retailers or directly from Bethesda.

The beta is 45 GB so make sure you have enough space. If you’re on PC, you won’t need to download the game again when it’s released. However, if you have either a PS4 or an Xbox One, you will need to download the launch version.

Fallout 76 Beta Release date

The date chosen by Bethesda to release their beta is October 23 on Xbox One and a week later for PS4.

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