Fairy Tail’s Final Season: New Poster And Updates

Fairy Tail is elevating up for its huge comeback, and A-1 Pictures simply brought the series another step ahead. As we countdown to the Fairy Tail’s final season, we notice a lot of extra promotional material covering this latest Fairy Tail final season poster. Now we’ve got a latest visual showing off the guild in action. The release date of Fairy tail’s final season is 7th October 2018.

New Poster Of Fairy Tail’s Final Season:

Fairy Tail 2018 poster

This poster was shared on the Fairy Tail’s official Twitter account.

Viewing at the poster, it appears like the design of Natsu is a little different than his previous anime season. The poster’s lighting befits everyone rather well. There is no information on whether this art will place into the season as a whole.

Moreover, the official website of Fairy Tail also shared designs for its central characters. Everyone highlighted in the gallery, and they all seem ready to welcome fans following a very long period away.

Currently, The series intends to release its ultimate season this fall. The great comeback will go live in 7th October, and there is no news on how extended the season will continue. There are greater than 130 chapters left for Fairy Tail to animate, so fans expect the final season will be on the higher side because stating goodbye to the magic guild will be way easier spoken than done.

The manga finished at the end of July this year, though fans will be ready to examine the last bits of the manga in its animated beauty. The series ran to drive over 200 anime episodes, animated movies, spin-off manga, and series-inspired games. The anime series is supposed to conclude with the ultimate battle between Natsu & Zeref.

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