Fairy Tail 2018 Episode 2 Spoilers – Wendy And Sherria

In the last episode of Fairy Tail 2018, Wendy was reunited with her former guild mates Natsu, Lucy, and Happy. The three asked her to join them rebuild Fairy Tail which was disbanded a year ago. Wendy declined the offer and insisted that she is a Lamia Scale wizard now. Meanwhile, wizards from Orochi Fin attacked the town with 100,000 monsters. In Fairy Tail 2018 episode 2, Wendy and Sherria will fight the Orochi Fin in a head to head aerial battle.

Fairy Tail 2018 Episode 2 – The Sky Sisters

After catnapping Happy, Sherria and Wendy will fly in the air in a mission to find the Monster Tamer and stop the attack in the city. The two will be bombarded by attacks from wizards of Orochi Fin. They will try to fight back and find the Monster Tamer. Meanwhile, Natsu is rampaging around and is defeating every monster that he faces. Lucy will help Lyon and the other Lamia Scale wizards to defend the city.

With a few more battles, Sherria and Wendy will manage to find the Monster Tamer. Sherria will get ahead of herself and will try to stop the Monster Tamer alone but someone will appear to prevent them from harming their target. The one who will appear and will try to kill them is no other than Bluenote Stinger.

fairy tail 2018 episode 2

Wendy and Sherria will fight together to defeat Stinger, but he will successfully launch an attack. He will change the gravity until the two Lamia Scale wizards can no longer move. Just as when he was about to deal the last strike, Natsu will come right in time to save the day. He is still angry to Sherria for catnapping Happy but he will be told to cut it off and resume his rant after the battle.

Stinger will try to overwhelm Natsu, but his power will be easily beaten by the Dragon Slayer. He will then one-punch Stinger and will defeat him. Orochi Fin decided to retreat. When the battle was over, Wendy and Sherria was seen taking under the tree. Sherria will finally convince Wendy to join Natsu and co. and that even though they have different guilds, they will always be friends. And that’s it for Fairy Tail 2018 episode 2. We will give you more updates for this series’ final season.

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