Fairy Tail 2018 Episode 2 – Bluenote Stinger Appears

In the last episode of Fairy Tail 2018, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy were all caught up in an attack against the Lamia Scale. Happy was “catnapped” and was taken by Sherry. Natsu is bulldozing every monster that he can see just to “rescue” Happy. Wendy and Sherry will be able to find the Monster Tamer, but they will need to fight a familiar person to take the tamer out.

Fairy Tail 2018 Episode 2 – The Battle Against Bluenote Stinger

With Happy’s “abduction,” Natsu rampages toward the monsters to save his cat. Meanwhile, Wendy and Sherry are trying to find the Monster Tamer during their flight.  The Sky Sisters will launch aerial attacks on those who are trying to attack them. Sherry will then find the Monster Tamer and proceeded to attack when an old enemy appeared and confronted her. She was saved by Wendy, who notes that she smells a familiar smell. Bluenote Stinger is beside the Monster Tamer and is revealed to be working with Orochi Fin.


Bluenote will use his magic to crush the mountain and make anyone kneel before him. Now that there is no way for his enemies to counterattack, he intends to kill Sherry. But he will be interrupted by Natsu who has been rampaging around trying to find her and lecture her about Catnapping. Natsu will be told to save his lecture for later and deal with Bluenote first. That’s what he did, and he defeated the man with a single punch. Because of Bluenote’s defeat, Orochi Fin decided to retreat.

After this ordeal was over, Sherry and Wendy will be talking about Wendy and Fairy Tail. Sherry will convince her that if she really wanted to go with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to reunite Fairy Tail members. Sherry will tell her that even though they are on different guilds, they will remain friends. And that’s it for Fairy Tail 2018 episode 2. Stay tuned for more spoilers on next episodes.

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