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Spoilers & Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 9

Fairy Ranmaru
Fairy Ranmaru

Fairy Ranmaru will conclude the episode finale soon, with only three episodes left. Make sure not to miss the epic climax, where Takara’s secret will get revealed. The boys are under the command of the Queen while obeying Fairy Ten Commandments. After saving, a girl from a man who wanted to exploit the girls as a money slave, Homura got injured. The Bar F Boys gathered near Homura and cast a healing spell on Homura’s body. Juko told the boys that he has managed to avert the worst, but Homura is not out of the woods.

Homura is in deep slumber, fighting for his life in his dream world. Takara comments that they can rest while waiting for Homura to regain consciousness. Urru is worried that his rival is fighting for life alone in deep slumber. He realizes that without Homura, life will be dull, and Bar F will always be quiet. The boys wish for Homura to recover soon. Urru decided that the rest of the boys can rest, and he will remain taking care of Homura. Urru agreed he wouldn’t even blink or doze off while keeping an eye on Homura.

Previously on Fairy Ranmaru Episode 8

The Bar F boys vanish while telling Urru to take good care of Homura. The episode is titled Violence. In the other world, Queen is angry that Sirius hurt a precious member of her family. Queen comments that Sirius will pay. Oshida reveals that the member of the Arbor Clan proved to be the right decision. Queen orders Oshida to see that the Bar F boys keep collecting attachment since their Kingdom has to get restored. On the Earth, the Bar F receives news coming from the Queen.

Juko is surprised that they still must collect the attachment after facing such an incident. He thought that Queen would give them a few days off. Takara talks with a lovely voice and comments there no say no since it is an order from the Queen. Juko replies that Queen completely lacks in human and fairy decency. Ranmaru is enjoying playing with Baku and his cell phone. Juko asks Ranmaru what Urru is up to since he has not updated them about Homura’s condition.

He wonders why Urru wants to help Homura since the two are like a cat and a dog. Takara comments that leaving those two together can help them settle their scores. Juko believes that Homura can’t patch up with Urru. Juko thinks that the moment Homura regains consciousness, the two will start fighting again.

Arbor Clan

Fairy Ranmaru

Fairy Ranmaru

He asks Ranmaru about the Chilka guy, and Ranmaru replies that a fairy plunged into darkness. Ranmaru reveals that he wants to learn more about the Fallen Angel. But he vows to make the Fallen Angel pay for hurting one of the Bar F boys. Juko realizes that it is for the first time when he sees Ranmaru angry like this. He believes that Ranmaru cares a lot about the Bar F boys. Juko comments that Ranmaru is still cool and realizes that he wouldn’t have collected his attachment if Ranmaru didn’t help him.

Ranmaru reveals that the only ones who can heal Homura or heal injured fairies are the members of the Arbor Clan. Juko realizes that he is a member of the Arbor Clan and comments that he can’t argue with what Ranmaru said. Juko is glad that he is helpful as a member of the Bar F boys. Later, Juko relaxes at the park and admires the way Ranmaru does things. He wonders why he is born into the Arbor Clan. Juko dozes off and recalls his past before he mastered the healing powers.

That day an old geezer standing near the tree of life comments another year of nature’s bounty. Juko asks his father about the mission of the Arbor Clan. Juko’s father reveals that their mission is to give everything they have for the planet, to nurture green things, care for flowers, and rejuvenate animals and people. Later, Juko punishes a chubby evil lady for messing up with humans.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 9 Release Date

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 9 will release on Thursday, 3 June 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch Fairy Ranmaru online on Crunchyroll.

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