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Spoilers & Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 8

Fairy Ranmaru
Fairy Ranmaru

It is another day for the boys in Bar F; they promised humans that they don’t need their money. There is only one thing they need from them, and it is that heart. Fairy Ranmaru is left with four episodes to conclude the final episode. In the morning, Juko and Ranmaru enjoy reading something that draws Takara’s attention. Takara comments that he can guess, and it is that traditional pastime for all healthy young men. Juko and Ranmaru comment that it is hilarious.

Takara wonders what’s so funny, and they reveal that it’s the latest chapter of the popular Manga Homura the Fairy. Juko is excited that the Manga is in color and it is coming to Anime soon. Ranmaru comments that the fairy’s secret identity is about to be revealed. Homura looks back and wonders what the boys are talking about. Juko reminds Homura that the Manga was drawn by the girl who got saved by Homura. He also said the Manga is already popular, and it has only just started.

Previously on Fairy Ranmaru Episode 7

Homura comments that no one cares about that since he doesn’t like to receive praises. Juko showed Homura the Manga and told Homura to ask the girl to put them in the Manga. The episode is titled Pride. Homura gets annoyed since Junko is comparing him with the Homura from the Manga. He realizes that it will never happen for them to be part of any Manga. Urru realizes that Juko is insisting and remind him about the law.

He reveals that Fairy Law Ten states: ”Never reveal your true identity.” Urru reminds the boys that this is what they get for fostering inappropriate sentiment for one’s client. Juko misunderstood Urru’s statement and asked Homura if he has fallen for that girl or something. Homura gets furious and shouts that it will never happen, and he can’t fall for a human.

He knows that there is a law that doesn’t allow them to fall in love with humans. Urru comments that the flames of passion scatter sparks, and that can become ever-spreading fires. Homura realizes that Urru is telling him that he will end up falling for a human. Urru comments that the Ignis Clan is nothing but trouble. Homura picks up Urru will collar and told him to stop messing up with him.

Holy Mother

Fairy Ranmaru

Fairy Ranmaru

Urru glares at Homura and comments that he will kill Homura. Takara remarks that he knows that ”the disagreement seem overwhelming when you are young. But when you all grow up and look back, they all seem so petty.” Homura pushed Uruu and heads out. Urru comments that Homura is an unspeakable prideful man. Later Homura ends up going to the place where that girl who wrote Homura the Fairy worked. He stands outside of the building, wondering what he will say to that girl.

Homura reads a signboard written Homura the Fairy, soon to be an Anime. He also saw that the new chapters of the Manga hits every Monday. Homura is imprest that the girl works hard. Meanwhile, Takara was talking with a powerful man and told him the Sirius is alive. The guy is shocked that his sworn enemy is alive. Later Homura relaxes at the park. He took out his bracelet and recalled his past. In his past, Homura’s father told Homura the Ignis Clan possesses incredible power.

His father told him that they must use their powers if there is an emergency or something important. Homura’s father told Homura that if he sees someone struggling, he must offer his help. If he sees someone freezing, he must bring them warmth, and if someone is crying, he must dry their tears.  Homura’s father concludes that it what they call true justice in their clan. Later Homura uses the power of the Ignis Clan and saves that girl for the second time. He uses the powers of the Holy Mother and sends the enemy to heaven.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 8 Release Date

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 8 will release on Thursday, 27 May 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch Fairy Ranmaru online on Crunchyroll.

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